10 People Who Would Be Invited to Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

Jennifer Aniston

While she may have started her acting career on B-list films and other random TV appearances, Jennifer Aniston has grown into one of the biggest stars on the planet. Following her breakthrough role as Rachel Green from Friends, America fell in love with everything Aniston had going on—including her personal life. It sort of helped that she was seen being squired around town by A-listers like Brad Pitt, too, making her even more of a star than she probably could have ever imagined, as she was married to Pitt for five years, becoming the Hollywood power couple in the process. After Pitt left her, though, Jen found herself looking for a new man who could help her live out her real-life fairytale of being a wife. She seems to have found that with actor Justin Theroux who, after being in a relationship with Aniston since 2011, finally popped the question for her hand in marriage a year later. Although the two have struggled with actually setting a date and figuring out when a wedding might take place, they are believed to have it upcoming soon. For that reason, I wanted to think about which guests would be on their list—especially with their connections to so many famous people. So whom would receive an invite from the two? I’ve got 10 people who should expect to hear their vows read firsthand.

10. Clive Owen

Besides British actor Clive Owen sharing the screen with Jen in the 2005 movie Derailed, the two have continued to be friends since, so there’s no question that Owen would be on the A-list to attend Aniston’s wedding. While both actors shared quite the on-screen chemistry, there was nothing that ever became of it off-screen, so Justin Theroux need not worry that there’s anything more to this than just a good friendship.

9. Matthew Perry

Although Jen doesn’t necessarily keep up with every single one of her former castmates from Friends, there’s no doubt that Matthew Perry would get an invite to her wedding. The two didn’t necessarily have the best relationship during the years they filmed the show together, but that’s not to say that things were ever bad. In fact, I’m sure each and every one Jen’s former castmates remain on speed dial in her cell phone, which means Perry gets the nod to dress up and dance at her wedding this time, too.

8. Liv Tyler

Although this one might seem like an odd pairing at first, Jen’s fiance Justin Theroux stars alongside the famous rock daughter Liv Tyler on the TV series The Leftovers, meaning that she would probably see her name on the guest list whenever the two stars decide to tie the knot. I honestly have no clue if Theroux and Tyler have any friendship outside of work—because, let’s face it, not all co-workers are friends—but I have a hunch that the actor/writer is a pretty down-to-earth guy who gets along with plenty of people, so I see Tyler making the cut.

7. David Lynch

Another one of Theroux’s good friends and work colleagues, the two have collaborated on a variety of different movies like Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. With a working and personal relationship, there’s no denying the fact that filmmaker Lynch would be amongst the attendees at the couple’s wedding.

6. Matt LeBlanc

Like a few others on this list, Matt LeBlanc starred alongside Jen on the TV show Friends, with the two even having a romance written into the script to keep things juicy with the plot. More than just a fake romance, though, the two have remained friends in real-life just as Aniston has with many of her other former colleagues from former shows and movies, making LeBlanc a lock to don a tux for Jen’s wedding  day.

5. David Schwimmer

Although the two never actually dated in real-life, there’s nothing but love between Jennifer Aniston and Friends co-star David Schwimmer, who formed, arguably, the greatest TV romance of the past 25 years. With an abundance of memories together both on and off-set, there’s no doubt these two would share a lot of great moments on her wedding day, with the two showing why the unconditional love and chemistry between them was so believable while the cameras were actually rolling, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a guest speech.

4. Christina Applegate

Another one of her former castmates on Friends, there’s no denying that actress Christina Applegate would get the invite to Jen’s wedding this time around. Playing Aniston’s sister on the TV show, Applegate and Jen have maintained a solid relationship since, even been seen hanging around Hollywood together, apparently—I’m not much for celeb spotting around town, though. Either way, Christina would happily be dressed to the nine’s and gleaming alongside her dear friend on her wedding day.

3. Ben Stiller

This one may seem a bit random at first glance, but don’t be fooled by the name—because the comedic actor would no doubt be invited to attend this wedding. Not only did Aniston and Stiller do the movie Along Came Polly together, but Stiller was also the lead in one of Theroux’s most well-known movies, Tropic Thunder. For that reason it wouldn’t surprise me to see Ben Stiller there as a guest whenever these two decide on their wedding date.

2. Lisa Kudrow

One of Aniston’s dearest friends from her time filming the show Friends, Lisa Kudrow might not be as close to Jen as some of her other former castmates, but she would still, no doubt, receive the invite to the wedding. Known to occasionally dine-out with both Aniston and Courteney Cox, the three of them form a formidable trio that is well-known around Hollywood as being the best of friends. Funny how that worked out in real-life as it was scripted on the long-running show, huh?

1. Courteney Cox

Her former castmate on Friends, Courteney Cox also happens to be one of Jennifer’s very best friends in real-life, too. Said to have helped her overcome the pain of seeing former beau Brad Pitt leave her for Angleina Jolie, Cox would no doubt be part of Aniston’s wedding party—unless she goes with a smaller party that doesn’t include many bridesmaids. In any situation, Cox would be there to help Aniston walk down the aisle and say “I do” to Theroux.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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