10 Possible Reasons Melania Trump is With Donald Trump Other than His Money

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For 10 years, people all over the country have been wondering what on earth Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, could possibly see in the Donald other than his massive fortune. Let’s face it, not only do the two have a more than 20 year age difference, but they just don’t seem to be on the same level in a lot of different ways. While Donald has spent his entire career building an empire (and a terrible reputation), Melania Trump has been using her good looks to help her find success. While it’s easy to see what Donald would see in Melania, the reverse is a little more difficult. While the world will likely never know if there are any ulterior motives behind their marriage, here are 10 possibly reasons Melania Trump is with Donald Trump other than his money.

He’s funny

It’s no secret that humor is subjective, and while plenty of people find Donald Trump extremely offensive and obnoxious – there are also plenty of people who actually find him kind of humorous. Heck, even if you’re one of the people who can’t really stand him – there’s no denying that he’s definitely had a few moments where the only response possible is laughter. Perhaps Melania Trump has a thing for dark and twisted senses of humor – if so, she’s definitely with the right guy.

He has a good lawyer

Over the course of his career, Donald Trump has found himself in several legal battles. He claims that it’s just par for the course when you’re a successful businessman, but he’s seemed to be involved in more of his fair share of lawsuits. With that being said, Trump has typically been able to escape unscathed which is likely all thanks to his lawyer, Michael Cohen. Marrying someone with a good lawyer can come in handy if you ever find yourself in need of some legal advice. On the flip side; however, if Donald and Melania ever go through a divorce – she might just find herself walking away with less than what she came with.

He’s irresistible

Ok, seriously, who can resist Donald Trump? He’s, educated rich, and successful – and it’s usually pretty hard to find all of those qualities in the same person. Apparently, Melanie Trump knows how to snatch up a good one when she seems him because there are probably countless women waiting outside of Donald Trump’s door ever single day waiting to get a piece of this hunky mogul.

He may or may not be connected to the mob

They always say that girls have a thing for the guys who live life on the wild side, and Donald Trump might be involved in some very risky business. Throughout the years, there have been several allegations that Donald Trump’s business is connected to the mob. Although they have never been confirmed, many are convinced that Trump is connected to big name crime families in both New York and Philadelphia. Maybe Melanie Trump has a thing for the bad boys?

He probably gives great advice

Donald Trump has been known to say some pretty off the wall things, but a lot of his recent statements during the presidential election have proven that well, Donald Trump will say anything. But although his statements are usually bound to offend someone, one thing is for sure: he’s always honest. With that being said, there’s a good chance that Donald Trump might actually give some really good advice (really good meaning so brutally honest that you probably can’t even use it), but hey, it’s better than nothing. If Melania Trump ever finds herself needing another opinion, Donald Trump is probably the perfect person to ask.

He’s generous

When a person has a net worth that reaches into the billions, you’d hope that they have respect and compassion for those who are less fortunate. However, in Donald Trump’s world – generosity is pretty much non-existent. Trump has so many people and things that he doesn’t like – he probably has a hard time finding anyone to share the wealth is. Well, you’re probably wondering how that benefits his wife, right? Easy! The more money Donald Trump doesn’t give away, the more money he has to give to Melania.

He has a great smile

There’s something about that menacing little grin that’s always sliding across Donald Trump’s face that probably won Melania Trump over immediately. Seriously, you’ve seen the grin – you know how hard it is to look away when Donald Trump is ‘smiling.’

Everyone loves him

Okay – so maybe the only person (besides Melania Trump) who loves Donald Trump is Donald Trump, but in his world that’s probably enough. Plus, who needs love from everyone when you’ve got a hot wife who’s out of your league?

He has amazing hair

Donald Trump might have the worst head of hair on a public figure – ever. Over the years, Donald Trump’s toupee has become almost as famous as he is. Although his hair has become the laughing-stock of the Internet, Melania Trump must be pretty proud to know that she’s married to someone with really famous here.

He could be the next POTUS

This one is hard for a lot of people to believe, but Donald Trump could seriously be the next President of the United States. Although Melania Trump probably didn’t know that politics was in Donald’s future when she married him, this is definitely the biggest – and only real – perk to being Mrs. Donald Trump.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME)

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