10 Things You Didn’t Know about Andi Dorfman

andi dorfman

It seems that being America’s Sweetheart is not all it’s cracked up to be. No matter how much you come across as a nice person with a great personality, there will always be people out there who want nothing to do with you, and there will always be naysayers. Fortunately for former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, we are not haters of hers. The Atlanta-based attorney who is currently residing in New York City might have recently ended her engagement to the man she allowed to propose to her at the end of her season of the hit reality show, but she’s not slowing down. There’s been rumors that the two broke off their engagement for several reasons, and cheating has been a big one. After all, the couple did share an adorable selfie of them together looking very happy just two days before they called off their engagement, and sometimes people speculate that that kind of happiness turned break-up means someone found out something they could not look past.

However, we just don’t know. We know that the former couple allegedly ended their relationship on a good note, and we know that Dorfman has been seen out and about with Chris Harrison recently, and that has her back in the press. But regardless, she’s been on television twice and we just feel we need to know a bit more about her.

She has Road Rage

Don’t we all? I mean, here is the deal; if you don’t know what it’s like to feel your skin turn red, to feel the heat in your body and to feel the overwhelming desire to run someone off the road – you are the problem. That’s right people; road rage happens to everyone except the people causing it. So there is your lesson for the day.

Hi-Def Television is not for Her

Ms. Dorfman does not like television in hi-def because she thinks it looks weird. I can see that. I can see that it might look a bit strange and I can see that she might not want to bother with it. Makes perfect sense to me. But at the same time, she did star on reality television and I’d love to know how she feels about seeing herself in hi-def.

She Sews her Own Clothes

Not so much anymore, but when she was a struggling college student, she did sew her own clothes. I find that highly impressive as someone who cannot even sew a button on a shirt by herself. I mean, people with this talent are the most talented in the world in my humble opinion.

She Hates Late People

Who doesn’t? There is a clock for a reason, and people who are perpetually late make me crazy. Let’s get something straight; I’m 31 years old and I’ve been late a handful of times in my life, and usually for circumstances I can’t control (like a delayed flight). I have four kids and I’m never late. I simply adjust my schedule so that we have plenty of time to get ready and out the door. It’s just basic manners.

She likes to Stick out her Stomach to Look Pregnant and Freak People Out

This one makes me laugh. What a great way to trick your parents if you haven’t seen them in a while; but only if you’re really not pregnant and really not trying to get pregnant. Then it might not be all that amusing. But it would be hilarious to see her do this to her dad and get his reaction since she says this is her favorite way to freak him out.

She wants to take an African Safari

A lot of people want to go on an African Safari. It’s the animals and being one with nature. While I prefer to see African animals behind their walls in the zoo, I’m not one to ever want to set foot on an African safari, but I can see the appeal for people who are avid nature and animal lovers. Me, not so much; others, however, love that kind of stuff.

She Pretends to be Olivia Pope

Once again, Andi Dorfman is proving she’s just like us. We all like to pretend to be Olivia Pope. Like, a lot. I bought her tall stemmed wine glasses (Crate & Barrel, people) and when I sit down at night to drink my red and watch TiVo, I like to pretend I’m her just a little bit and that Fitz is going to come through my door any minute (my husband does not love that).

She Loves the Number 19

Why? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the number. But she loves it because it was Hines Wards’ number. Her dad is a huge fan and she grew up with that number in her life, so she likes it. And she’s also very close to her parents, so it only makes sense that she would be a little bit like them in some way, right? All good parents rub off a bit on their kids, and that’s what makes them cool.

She’s Obsessed with Kate Middleton

Again, who is not obsessed with Kate Middleton? Just another reason we feel that Andi Dorfman is America’s best friend. She’s funny, she’s gorgeous and she’s so down-to-earth that we cannot figure out why she is actually not our best friend. Andi – I love Olivia Pope and I have road rage and I love Kate Middleton. Can we obsess and yell at people on the road together, please?

She can Neither Sing nor Dance

She’s my soul mate. Okay, so I can dance. I did not spend my entire life cheerleading without a bit of rhythm, so I can’t say that I have two left feet. But, I cannot sing. I mean, I totally think that I sound just like Mariah Carey or Arianna Grande or whomever I’m listening to when I’m in the car all by myself. But then my husband and my kids get in the car with me and they disagree. Clearly they have hearing issues and no taste.

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