10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley North

Ashley North

If you haven’t heard of Ashley North yet, it’s because you are not watching WAGS. It’s a reality television series introduced by Bravo that, surprise, follows the lives of women around the country as they live their day-to-day lives. This group of women includes Ashley North. She’s the girlfriend of a famous professional athlete, and her WAGS costars are also wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Bravo has decided the world must know how these women live, and now we will watch as they are transferred and traded to other teams, as they raise families and keep relationships steamy while their men are in other cities for games, training and other work obligations, and how they are managing to put their own careers in the forefront of their lives while still managing their households.

Ashley North is not yet a household name, but she will be. Her big personality and her desire to be famous will drive her to success, and there are a few things we should know about her before she is a household name and famous reality star like so many before her.

She’s Dating Dashon Goldson

Ashley North and Dashon Goldson have been together for many years. They’ve been together for 11 years. He is a professional football player for the National Football League, and he currently plays for the Washington Redskins. The couple has been together a long time, but only engaged for about a year.

He Doesn’t want to Get Married

Despite the fact that Dashon Goldson has spent the past 11 years with Ashley North and even took the time to pop the question and propose a year ago, he has no interest in actually marrying her. In fact, their relationship is struggling at the moment because he is not interested in planning a wedding date and actually making their relationship official at the moment. In fact, they’re struggling big time because of this.

She has One Child

After 11 years, it only makes sense that Ashley North and her fiancé would have some children. They have one child, a daughter. Her name is Charly, and she is the product of Ashley North and Dashon Goldson’s long relationship. Both dote heavily on their lovely little girl, and she is the most important thing in their lives.

She’s Not Just a Football Girlfriend

Ashley North might be a famous football girlfriend, but she is not afraid of some hard work or her career. She’s a celebrity stylist, and she’s a good one. She’s not in this relationship for the fame or the money; she’s got her own. Her clients include some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Have you ever heard of a comedian by the name of Kevin Hart or a singer by the name of Justin Bieber? Yes, those are just two of Ashley North’s many celebrity clients.

She’s no Stranger to Pro Sports

Ashley North is not a stranger to pro sports. Dashon Goldson is not the only man in her life to play. Her father, Bill North, was a famous baseball player in the MLB. He played for the Chicago Cubs, the Oakland A’s and even the San Francisco Giants throughout the course of his career. She knows what it’s like to live with a professional player, and she chose to do the same in her own personal life.

Her Father Told her to Stay Away from Athletes

Billy North told his daughter not to date professional athletes, but Ashley North did not listen. She began dating her professional ballplayer more than a decade ago. They don’t get to spend much time together because of their respective careers, and they don’t have a wedding date. It seems maybe her father was right about this.

Dashon Goldson Doesn’t Acknowledge Her Socially

Something that most people don’t realize is that while Ashley North has a plethora of social media accounts on which she posts photos and stories about her life with Dashon Goldson and their daughter, he doesn’t do the same. His Twitter account doesn’t mention her at all, and all he does is post news about himself, his career, sports and things that interest him – his fiancé is not included on that list of interests.

She’s Got her Suspicions

It’s not an easy job to date someone who is always gone and who has so many fans, and Ashley North knows this all too well. She wonders if her man is cheating on her, and she even discusses it on national television. Our guess is that this is not a question she’s asking for the first time, either. Unfortunately, statistics prove that he probably is cheating, though we don’t have any reason to believe that makes it a definite.

She Doesn’t Consider her Family a Family

One thing that is very important to Ashley North is getting married. She does not consider a family a real family unless there is a husband and a wife and kids. She would have rather been married before she got pregnant with her daughter, but her fiancé wasn’t interested in marrying her until he proposed last year and even now he is calling off their wedding because he’d rather postpone the date. She wants badly to be married, but he doesn’t seem to care that she doesn’t consider them a real family.

Their Daughter Suffers

Ashley North tells her mother, married to professional athlete Billy North, that it’s difficult not being married to Dashon Goldson, and that even her daughter knows this. Despite the fact that Charly is only four, she knows that her mommy and daddy are not married, and she wonders about it. She wants to see them married and she wants them to be happy. Since she probably doesn’t really grasp the concept, we assume that she sees her parents arguing over marriage and just wants them to stop and be happy. Either way, though, it’s been more than a decade and there’s a child involved. What’s the hold up?

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