10 Things You Didn’t Know about Riker Lynch

Riker Lynch

If you’re not entirely sure who Riker Lynch is, you did not watch Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. He took home second place on this season of the show, which aired the finale just this week. The young blonde, who people were mostly unfamiliar with at the beginning of the season, is someone people got to know quite well throughout the season. However, there are still some people that just do not know much about the dancing runner-up. It seems this season was filled with dancers that aren’t even quite as famous as those in previous seasons, but that did not stop the virtually unknown star from making waves and fans throughout the course of the seasons. If you’re still not sure who Riker Lynch really is, let us tell you a few things you did not already know about him.

He’s in a Band

It seems that Riker is a band member in a band called R5. He’s one of the many “R’s” in the band, and he says that it’s a bit of a challenge working together the way that a band has to. While he and his band have not quite gotten to One Direction or N’Sync level fame, that’s their hope in the future. And perhaps he understands the drama going down with One Direction right now, being a boy bander and all himself.

He’s Related to the Houghs

If there is something just so familiar about Lynch, it might be his face. He’s a cousin to DWTS’ own Julianne and Derek Hough, which just goes to show that this is one talented family. He’s actually a second cousin to the family, but that does not change the fact that if you’re born into this group of kids in that particular family, you’re musically inclined in some way, shape or form. The family is close, and some people felt that was a disadvantage with Julianne being a judge on the show herself, but she seemed to have handled it quite well, showing off her lack of favoritism.

His Partner is tWitch’s Wife

When he was the first runner-up on DWTS, he was partnered with Allison Holker, who just so happens to be married to another famous dancer, tWitch. You might know him from several television shows, including “So You Think You can Dance” and the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he dances frequently and spends most of his days working as the guest DJ on set. The couple met on the set of SYTYCD several years ago and got married back in 2013. It’s also sad to me that they’re so much younger than I; I’m feeling old today.

He was on Glee

Did you know he was one of the Warbler’s on Glee? He was in 12 episodes from seasons two through four, and he was known very well for that role. It was one of his first television shows, and it’s certainly going to be nowhere close to his last. People fell in love with him on DWTS, which means we are only going to see more of him in the days to come. His character made several appearances, showing off his singing abilities.

He’s Barely an 80s Baby

Born in 1988, he barely gets to lay claim to the fact that he was an 80s child. In fact, he doesn’t get to. He didn’t get to spend any time being raised in this generation and he didn’t do anything that the rest of us had to do in the same decade. And that kind of makes us all bitter that he won’t have any big hair photos his mother made him dress up for in kindergarten. And doesn’t it just make you a little bit old-feeling to know that he’s this talented and only 23?

His Brother is More Famous than He

If you ever watch television or have kids that watch children’s shows on television, you will recognize his brother. Ross Lynch plays the role of Austin on the hit show Austin & Ally (on the Disney Channel) and he’s very famous. He’s also part of his brother’s band, and they are famous together.

He’s One of Five

His parents not only have a thing for names that begin with “R”, they also have a thing for kids. They have five, and Riker is the oldest of the group. His siblings, including famous brother Ross, include sister Rydel and two other brothers, Rocky and Ryland. We can say with certainty that his parents had a thing for fun and unique monikers.

Riker is Why the Family Moved to LA

Growing up in Colorado was fun for the family, but when Riker decided he wanted to move to LA when he was 16, the entire family picked up and moved with him so that they could be together. We’d say it worked out quite well for all involved considering they’re now all famous. That was in 2008, and the family decided that they would start a band with four of the siblings.

One of their Band Members is Not an R or Family

When the family moved to LA in 2008, they had a band with four members. It was everyone buy Ryland, who is still not part of the band. In 2009, the family met a man by the name of Ellington Ratliff, who plays drums. They decided at that point to add him to the band, even though it’s his last name that begins with an “R” and not his first name.

This is Not his First Reality Show

It was 2009 when Riker danced on his first reality show, So You Think You can Dance as part of a group of boys called the Rage Boyz Crew, named after the dance studio where he met his friend and fellow band member. It’s safe to say he knew going into this competition that he would be quite talented and good at what he was doing, and his first runner-up status certainly proved that.

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

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