10 Things You Didn’t Know about Xtina

christina aguilera

You might know her as Xtina or you might know her as Christina Aguilera. All I know is that she has been around, very famously, for many years. The first time I heard, “Genie in a Bottle” was the beginning of my high school career, which was in 1998. That means she’s rocking almost 20 years in the business, and she’s just as hot now as she was before. Perhaps she’s a bit more covered up now than she was in some of her early music videos, a bit more on the tame side than she was when she was younger. That might be because she’s grown up a bit or because she has a couple of kids now and she’s not interested in that kind of image. Or maybe she is; the songstress has been posting more revealing photos of herself to her Instagram account as of late, which could indicate that she is looking to make a bit of a change in her life. While we aren’t entirely certain which way her career will go next, we do know that even after almost 20 years of fame we still don’t know all there is to know about Xtina.

She’s a germaphobe

There was once a rumor that when someone coughed around her, Xtina did not love it. She would become very upset over the situation, as she does not like to have germs near her. Hey, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that in my opinion.

Kate Hudson’s role in “Nine” was Xtina’s first

She turned it down, though, to focus on her music. She’s long since said that music is her passion and her number one, and she does not hesitate to make sure she always keeps that in mind and that she’s always looking out for her music first. This particular role was offered to her on numerous occasions, and execs were hoping she’d take it and wow audiences. She did not, however, and it was eventually given to Kate Hudson, who still did a marvelous job.

She’s the victim of bullies

Looking at her now, hearing her now, no one would ever assume that she put up with anything less than the best from anyone. However, it seems that Xtina was not always treated very fairly in her life. She was bullied as a child, and she has even written a number of songs about that, including her hit song “Beautiful,” which is something she struggled with as a child thanks to the way she was treated by the bullies in her life. We’re happy to say she’s overcome.

She’s a songwriter

Did you know that Christina Aguilera is not someone who likes to let others write all her tracks for her? She’s not; she writes many of them herself. She’s also credited with helping to create the hit song “Miss Independent” that Kelly Clarkson, the world’s first ever American Idol, sings. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

She was abused as a child

Her father might be a decorated army veteran, but he was not a good man. Aguilera was very open for a while about the fact that her father was an abusive man and that her childhood had some serious issues from time to time as a result of his behavior. She did not go into detail about the kind of abuse she suffered at his hands, just that it was of the domestic variety and that she’s all right even though her childhood was such a mess at the hands of her abusive father.

Diiirty is the most played video of all time

Even she knows the video was, well, dirty, and Rolling Stone agrees. The video for her hit song was one that she got some serious hate over, but it worked for her. It was back in a time when you had pop princesses such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson working on their good girl image, and someone had to break into the bad girl niche. It worked for Xtina.

She used to love Mickey

She got her start in the music industry through Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club,” and she made some famous friends, or at least connections there. She was part of the club with famous stars such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, as well as Jessica Simpson. It’s funny how they were all together at one point and then all hit it big about the same time in their lives. We grew up with these people in our lives.

Good Charlotte dissed her, and she doesn’t care

There was a time when the band Good Charlotte had some less than nice things to say about Xtina, such as they didn’t want to meet her. However, Xtina is not a grudge-holder, because she and Joel Madden’s wife Nichole Richie gave birth in the same area of the hospital together with their kids and now they’re very close friends. It turns out that singing about someone doesn’t always mean they will hold a grudge against you.

She’s obsessed with red lipstick

She once gave an interview in which she stated that how she looks when she performs is a big deal to her. She never, ever records without wearing red lipstick. What this means for the world is that a red lipstick shortage means that we will not hear anything else from the famous singer since she cannot record without it. Some people have superstitions, and that’s all right. This is just the one she has that’s most prevalent in her life.

She’s the youngest person on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time

….as of 2011. She is a great singer. She has a voice that can do things that many other people cannot do. It’s powerful, beautiful and amazing. She has a singing sensation of a voice, and most other people in the music industry cannot even touch that. In fact, many singers are not even half as talented as Xtina.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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