10 of the World’s Most Powerful Women in Music


Being powerful requires a special combination of traits that each of these women possesses. Each of these women is immersed heavily in the music industry and each one is powerful in her own right. These women portray a number of characteristics and skills that make them the most powerful in their industry, and these traits are not possessed by many. They are talented. They have proven their longevity. They become more popular over time. Their fans love them, their music is always on par and they are influential women who touch lives through their words and with their music. Each of the most powerful women in the music industry is relevant and influential, wealthy and each are media darlings; and this is just a small taste of what it is that makes each of them such a powerhouse.


She’s the Queen B for a reason. Not only has she been named the most powerful woman in the world, she’s also married to one of the most powerful men in the music industry, Jay-Z. There is nothing that Beyonce touches that does not turn to gold. Perhaps it’s her incredible dance abilities, her sensational singing or just the fact that she’s always so gracious yet never gives interviews or appears publicly, and the fact that she never discusses her personal life that raises her star power.

Taylor Swift

When she released her newest album 1989, she officially became the first artist ever to have three albums that sold more than a million copies each in the first week alone. Her music is powerful in its simplicity and she’s managed to create a brand for herself that seems untouchable. Even those who claim not to like her know the words to her songs and stop to watch when she makes an appearance. She’s never been in any trouble, and that’s something that people find themselves fascinated with.

Katy Perry

She’s got five number 1 songs on one album – which puts her on par with Michael Jackson. That’s a pretty powerful sentiment coming from someone that people viewed as a candy-coated lollipop of a singer who would have a hit song or two and then disappear into oblivion. She’s Katy Perry; there’s nothing stopping her and we have a feeling she’s only just begun.

Lady Gaga

The face of music has changed since she entered. No longer is the world obsessed with peaches and cream pop stars and singers with perfect hair and tiny outfits. She’s created something of a monster with her career, and now she’s one of music’s leading ladies. Her stance on individuality and acceptance is widely known, and it’s created a foundation people cannot step away from.

Nicki Minaj

She’s transformed herself over the past few years from someone who came across as a combination of a circus character and a life-size Barbie, and it’s working for her. I dare you to turn on the radio and not hear at least 3 songs in the course of an hour that are by her or feature her. She’s the hottest thing in music since, well, since herself. Her talent is amazing and the media adores her.


While she might not seem like one of the most powerful women in the music industry anymore, she’s still raking in the bucks and claiming fans left and right. She was the first big thing in music, and she’s the reason that we have so many diverse stars today. Without Madonna, people like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga wouldn’t be so relevant. She paved the way for their differences and their uniqueness, and she’s the first woman in the music industry to really break the mold and cross as many lines as possible. That, by itself, makes her one of the most relevant women in the game.


She began her career singing poppy little songs and dancing to numbers you might expect to hear in a club to get you up and dancing. But in the past several years, she’s become a brand of her own. Her music is ever-evolving and so is her style. She manages to reinvent herself on a regular basis so that no one quite knows what to expect from her when she walks onto a stage. That appeal makes her one of the most powerful women in the industry and combined with her drive, her passion and her dedication for her career, she cannot be stopped.

Carrie Underwood

What makes her so powerful is the fact that she’s been in the business for a decade now, but she entered the music scene as the winner of a reality show competition. Most people of this nature never really go so far in their career, but Underwood has longevity and star power. Each new album she releases is an instant hit. Her music is always what she wants and it’s always good, and she never fails to disappoint when she performs.


She’s managed to do what no other star has managed to do in the music industry, and that’s not conform to the stands of a bubble gum chewing blonde Barbie on stage with pretty costumes and fun music. No, she says what she wants, she is hardcore and she makes no apologies. And she’s not looking to become a pretty princess, either. She likes her style, her edge and her passion, and it works for her. It also works for the music industry, because she’s hotter than ever right now and has been for many years.

Britney Spears

Some might argue that she’s not at all powerful, but I beg to differ. She went from being America’s Sweetheart to being the woman who lost her mind and had what appeared to be a major mental breakdown in front of the entire world, and we all still love her. Her music might not seem as popular now as it once was, but she’s still Britney, and people love her. She did something few people can say they’ve done, which is completely ruin her reputation and come back from that bigger and better than ever complete with her own Vegas show that’s sold out every single night to the point that she extended it by months. That’s power.

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