The 10 Worst Celebrity Parents of All-Time

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Unfortunately, for those who choose to live life in the spotlight, their moves and motives often come under question and criticism.  This is all the more true for celebrities with children, who often find themselves struggling to balance a busy work schedule and their responsibilities as a parent. As a result, most celebrities do their best to make sure that they maintain a positive image.  However, other’s continue to make a slew of bad decisions that have left the public feeling sorry for them, and more important their children.  While parenting styles do tend to vary, some celebrity parents have just flat-out neglected their responsibilities. Here are the 10 worst celebrity parents of all-time.

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10. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff has gotten a bad rap for his parenting skills over the last several years.  It appears the former Baywatch lifeguard may not be as responsible as we all thought.  In 2007, a video, which was recorded by Hasselhoff’s daughter began circulating the internet.  In the video, a drunk Hasselhoff stuffed his face with a cheeseburger while his daughter begged him to stop drinking.  Two years later, Hasselhoff’s daughter called 911 after the actor began having seizure-like symptoms after drinking all day.

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9. Jaid Barrymore

Jaid Barrymore, mother of the award-winning actress, Drew Barrymore, once had an acting career of her own. As a result of her elaborate lifestyle, Barrymore introduced her daughter to alcohol, drugs, and partying at a very young age which ultimately resulted in some serious issues for Drew.  As a result, Drew Barrymore became emancipated from her parents when she was just 15 years-old, and has had a rocky relationship with her mother ever since.  Now a parent herself, Drew Barrymore says that she and her mother continue to have a very distant relationship.

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8. Alec Baldwin

In general, calling a child a rude name isn’t the way to go.  However, when the child in question is your own offspring, things are even more sensitive.  In 2007, actor Alec Baldwin made headlines everywhere when he referred to his then 11 year-old daughter as “a rude, thoughtless, little pig.” In 2012, Ireland addressed the incident saying that she was not offended by he father’s comments, and new that he meant no harm.  However, the public has certainly been less forgiving.

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7. Courtney Love

Courtney Love’s relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, has been very rocky over the years. Cobain herself has been very critical of her mother’s parenting skills, noting that Love’s irresponsible behavior has caused several problems in both of their lives.  In 2012, Love and Cobain had a very public fallout after Love published a series of tweets accusing Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl, of making sexually inappropriate advances towards Cobain.  The accusations drove an even wider wedge between the mother and daughter as Cobain adamantly denies all of her mother’s claims.

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6. Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin may be a reality TV star, but she has very few fans when it comes to her skills as a mother.  Over the years, many have accused the mother of eight of using her children as a means to boost her own personal fame.  Many have also accused Gosselin of not having her children’s best interest at heart.

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5. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, best-known for being one of MTV’s teen moms, has constantly been criticized, even before giving birth to her daughter.  Often labeled as selfish an irresponsible, Farrah has made a lot of questionable parenting decisions.  In 2013, stories began circulating that Abraham had waxed her then four-year-old daughter’s eyebrows (while she was asleep) because the child had a unibrow.  Abraham defended this decision by saying that growing up with a unibrow would cause her daughter embarrassment.  Abraham also raised eyebrows in 2013 after announcing that she had and her daughter were taking a “break” because “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.” Seriously, what “thing” could a four year old be doing?

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4. O.J. Simpson

Former NFL star O.J. Simpson made headlines in 1995 when he was tried and found not guilty for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman. However, after a series of trial related interviews and a book deal (in which Simpson details the crime as if he committed it), Simpson continued to make money off of the death of two of his children’s mother.

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3. Joan Crawford

There’s only two reasons for a person’s parenting skills to be immortalized in both a book and a film: they’re an amazing parent, or an awful one.  In Joan Crawford’s case it’s the latter.  According to Crawford’s daughter, Christina, who wrote the memoir Mommie Dearest, her mother was a very cruel and slightly violent woman who often mistreated Christina and her brother.

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2. Ryan O’Neal

In 2012, Ryan O’Neal admitted to being a “bad father” after years of stories which have suggested just that.  All four of O’Neal’s now adult children have done stints in rehab, and he has even been accused of being the person to introduce some of them to drugs.

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1. Woody Allen

Woody Allen may be a Hollywood legend; however, his personal legacy will probably not be nearly as charming.  Allen’s relationship with his children has been very turbulent, especially since 1992 when he began dating his now wife and former step-daughter, Soon-Yi. On father’s day in 2012,  Allen’s son, Ronan, published a tweet stating: “Happy father’s day — or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day,” which suggested there were still some sore feelings about Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi.

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