After Bruce Jenner’s Divorce: Five Potential Suitors for the Newly Single Man

Bruce Jenner

Are you truly keeping up with the Kardashians? If so, you would probably know that the family’s step-dad, Bruce Jenner, recently had the paperwork go through that put the stamp on his marriage to Kris Kardashian, ending a tumultuous past few years that was, no doubt, strained due to the filming of their popular TV show together. Just when you didn’t think that things could get even a bit more bizarre, the former Olympic champion was recently spotted seen with a mystery lady at an Elton John concert just last week, making rumors swirl about who she might be, if the pair are actually together and what might be next for him. Although he’s now become an older bachelor—after all, Jenner is 64-years old—and has quite the baggage with three ex-wives, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t still be looking at who his next lady might be. But who should he really have his eyes on? That’s what I’m looking to solve, as I’m listing the five women that Bruce Jenner should date next—and, who knows, maybe he actually takes my opinion and tries to go for one of them?

5. Someone Who Isn’t Famous

Yes, I’m blatantly referring to the lady that accompanied Jenner to the Elton John concert last week, because, I’m under the assumption that, she isn’t famous—otherwise someone in Los Angeles would have recognized her, right? As I point out a few other times later in this piece, a solid relationship is one in which each side has equal power, fame, fortune, etc., so that might be a problem should Bruce take this option and goes with someone who isn’t known at all, but after his trend of dating well-known ladies with a history in entertainment or Hollywood, why not mix it up and go with a person who actually enjoys staying out of the limelight? It probably couldn’t hurt.

4. Ellen Barkin

Flirty, fun and outgoing, why not have the former track and field champ date actress Ellen Barkin? On the surface, the two seem compatible, right? They have both enjoyed great success and have been married a few times in their lives, so this one is almost a no-brainer if you ask me. Like a few others on this list, I’m not sure there’s a link between the two, but, even if there isn’t, than Jenner should find a way to get Barkin’s number—especially if he’s interested in landing a lady who is equally as famous and well-off financially. While I could see Jenner wanting to change things up and go with a younger girl as his next beau, having the young-at-heart Barkin on his arm might just be the best way to go.

3. Whoever Patti Stanger Can Match Him With

Known as the millionaire matchmaker—who has a show bearing the same name—Patti Stanger has openly admitted and quietly campaigned for Bruce Jenner to put himself on, yet another, reality TV show. I’m not sure that’s the best idea for Jenner, at this point, but, then again, what do I really know? Stanger has a history in working with and matching up millionaire clients with women who help them find whatever it is they think they’re missing. After 22 years of marriage to Kris Kardashian, Bruce might appear to be on the lookout for a younger lady, but, then again, he may want to rush back into wedlock by finding a woman who is closer to his age and can help fill-in as the stepmom to his adult kids. Either way, should he go this route, there isn’t anyone else that Jenner should trust in helping him find love again than Patti.

2. Jane Seymour

Anyone who has seen actress Jane Seymour in the past couple years knows that she is still putting younger girls in Hollywood to complete shame. That’s because, even at 63-years old, the Brit remains to be one of the most stunning ladies in showbiz. While this one may be a bit of a stretch—I have no idea if there’s any mutual link between Jenner and Seymour—they are separated by just one year in age and share a common bond, as they both divorced their partners of 20-plus years in the past 18 months. Jane Seymour is a bit more of a homebody than Jenner, who seems to enjoy being in front of the camera as much as he can, but the two would make a formidable, celebrity pair if this were to actually happen.

1. Cher

Both widely popular in their respective industries, the two have actually been rumored to be linked together in the past, so why not rekindle that flame and see if there’s an even bigger fire? Already knowing that there was a common interest earlier in 2014 makes me believe that they are both physically attracted to one another, so I would be shocked to find out that these two don’t at least get together to try it one more time. One thing that every relationship needs is balance, with both sides having equal success—which was one thing that tarnished Jenner’s marriage with Kris Kardashian—so the pairing of Cher and Bruce seems like it would be reasonable in that respect. Both making a name for themselves years ago, they have maintained to stay relevant and icons, so I’m actually all for the two giving this a try—again.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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