It’s Been a Crazy Year for Selena Gomez, and the Year’s Not Over

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular young Hollywood stars of the moment. She began her career acting when she was part of the Barney and Friends series when she was a child. From there, she did a few other modeling and acting gigs before she was cast by Disney as the lead character in The Wizards of Waverly Place, which was then turned into a movie. From there, the star was cast in several movie roles including some that went directly to television on the Disney Channel, and some that were actual box office hits. She’s also become quite the famous singer, with several hit songs to her name and a successful touring schedule. However, she’s not without controversy. She may have seemed like one of the most straight-forward and intelligent young stars in the country, but she’s proving that growing up in front of the camera can be difficult for just about anyone.

Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift

There have been a number of stories lately surrounding an alleged feud between celebrity besties Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, and the rumors are rampant. The alleged fight is about the former Wizard star’s on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, and both parties have said on numerous occasions that they are not in a fight. Taylor Swift recently opened up about a photo of herself and Demi Lovato that was taken at the MTV Video Music Awards after someone went online and posted that the photo was taken to make Gomez jealous. “Are they feuding? Are they fighting? Meanwhile, Selena and I would be on the phone that night, laughing about it. We let them have that one,” she says of the rumor that the two are no longer on speaking terms.

Selena’s Health

For a while there was speculation that Selena Gomez might be sick. While the rumors swirled that the 21-year-old singer and actress might be an addict, or have an eating disorder or just about every other horrible rumor that could go around, it turned out to be nothing like it. It was early in 2014 when the singer’s grandfather came forward and put the unflattering rumors to rest by admitting that the singer was diagnosed with Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects any portion of the body, and it can have dangerous side effects. It’s difficult to treat and it can be debilitating from time to time. It’s very painful, difficult to deal with and it’s not something that can be cured.

Selena Goes to Rehab

One of the biggest stories of the year in Selena Gomez’s life occurred back in January when the singer checked herself into rehab. While she hasn’t admitted to why she went to rehab, she has come forward to discuss the incident. She is quoted as saying, “I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it. And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself.” Her publicists and family members began telling the media that Selena entered rehab for exhaustion, and they said she was in desperate need of a break, and that’s why she took some time off to find herself in rehab. However, it’s been speculated that the singer was suffering from side effects of her Lupus in combination with drug and alcohol use.

Justin Disses Selena

If there is one thing her fans can’t stand, it’s her relationship with Justin Bieber. When the couple got together a few years ago, it was adorable. He was a cute kid, she was a cute kid and both seemed to be innocent and happy. However, when Bieber began getting in trouble with the law, getting arrested and acting out, it had a negative effect on Gomez that people just dislike. He seems to be a toxic person in her life, and they’ve been in the press more often than not. In July, the couple made headlines again when Bieber posted a quote on twitter that fans believed was aimed at Gomez, “If u can’t laugh at yourself you are not having fun. Don’t take things so serious. Smile,” it said. It was thought that the troubled singer was talking about Gomez because of her serious nature about their relationship and his inability to stay faithful.

Justin and Selena Move in Together

Perhaps the biggest story of the year is the one that just began to unfold this week. The couple that is known as Jelena is moving in together. Despite being so on-again, off-again all year long, it appears that Justin and Selena are moving in together and are “100 percent together” according to friends of the couple. It seems that Justin asked Selena to move in with him earlier this week, and she’s decided to accept his offer and live with her boyfriend. She claims she trusts him completely even though he’s admitted to cheating several times in the past, and the fact that he’s been arrested more this year than most people are in a lifetime. However, she is going to keep her place just in case, which is always a good sign in a relationship, right?

Selena’s Familial Problems

One of the biggest news stories of the year regarding Selena Gomez and her personal life occurred earlier this year when the actress finally decided to do something big with her life; she fired her parents as her managers.  The singer’s mother and step-father have been her managers for the course of her entire career, and she’s allegedly tired of it. According to the singer, she felt it was time to move on and get a professional manager instead of her parents and that there is no ill-will between she and her parents. However, sources close to the family state that the entire firing had to do with Justin Bieber and her family’s distaste for him and his bad influence. It seems her parents would rather the singer chooses a boyfriend that won’t treat her poorly and that they do not approve of her relationship with the Biebs.

Selena’s New Movie

The actress hasn’t done much in 2014 other than star in her own personal drama with Justin Bieber, but she is working on a new film that’s slated for release in 2015. The name of the film is “Behaving Badly,” and Gomez plays the female lead. She plays a popular girl who is the object of a slow kid from her Latin class’ affection. The film features some seriously steamy scenes between Gomez and the main character in the film and it’s been getting plenty of media attention this year, even though the movie isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until a year from now.

We Day California At Oracle Arena

The Great Unfollowing

When Demi Lovato decided to unfollow Selena Gomez on Twitter earlier this year, it was the biggest news story of the week. How could the two best friends be in the midst of an argument? Well, it seems like there is some seriously bad blood between the two former Disney stars. What started as speculation that Lovato was tired of being Gomez’s friend because of her poor choices (ahem, Justin Bieber) has turned into a media frenzy. The best friends have been close for a decade. They met when they were both children stars on the Barney, and they’ve continued their friendship ever since. However, when Demi unfollowed her friend on Twitter back in July, she briefly took a moment to talk about it when she appeared alongside Jessica Alba on “Watch What Happens Live,” with Andy Cohen. Her only comment on the subject was that sometimes, “People change and grow apart,” and she left it at that. At the moment, however, the two former friends are no longer friends.

Selena Doesn’t Care for Bullies

When Selena Gomez saw the comment someone left on one of her Instagram photos earlier this year, she was shocked. The fan essentially told her to get cancer and die, and Gomez made headlines for responding to the user in a way that was a class act. The young actress hadn’t quite turned 22 when her response was posted all over the internet, which had haters of bullies loving every second of it. Her response to the bully was, “The comment you left about cancer was absurd. How disrespectful of a young woman. I have gone through that battle with fans and family members. You can dislike someone but to wish something that could happen to you or your family is uncalled for sweetheart. You won’t be winning anyone’s heart that way. Trust me. Educate yourself a tad more. God bless love. Be an amazing woman. You’re beautiful.” The comment was posted all over media outlets and news stories speaking out against bullies.

Selena and the Jenners

The story earlier this year was that Selena was angry with Kendall and Kylie Jenner after the two got a little too close to Justin Bieber at Coachella. The singer deleted both the sisters form her social media accounts when she felt that Kylie and Kendall were too close and too flirty for her taste. It was a couple weeks worth of minor feuding between the three girls until Gomez opened up about the situation. She said she overreacted and she was sorry for the misunderstanding. She admitted to having no issue with the reality stars and that she was not correct in becoming angry with her friends for their behavior with Bieber and his crew when they were at the music festival. Since their alleged feud, the girls have been out and about together shopping and hanging out like nothing ever happened. Oh, to be young again.

Selena Got Served

Photos surfaced earlier this year of the singer being served papers to testify in a case involving Justin Bieber while she was at a convenience store. The singer was photographed walking to her car and then being approached by a woman in a pink scarf and handed paperwork. She didn’t look to be in a great mood when she was served, but the singer took it all in stride and accepted the paperwork. She was being subpoenaed because her then boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was being sued by photographers after he allegedly attacked one when he and Gomez were out one night. The incident occurred nearly two years prior to her being summoned to appear in court.

Gomez Feels Powerful

At the beginning of the year, the star was on the cover of Seventeen where she discussed her career and her successes so far. She went on to discuss that it wasn’t until she turned 21 that she really began to feel powerful. She discussed the fact that it wasn’t easy growing up on television with so many other famous faces, and she always felt they were more famous, more successful and better than she was. Of course, that’s something that anyone would worry about when you consider she was on the Disney Channel at the same time as The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. She also discussed her first breakup with Bieber and how she just needed to find a boyfriend who isn’t threatened by her and her success, her career and her own independence. Of course, she then got back together and broke up with Bieber a dozen more times following that interview.

Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone

Following the arrest of Justin Bieber at the beginning of the year, friends set Selena Gomez up with Austin Mahone. Taylor Swift was responsible for the set up, and though the two saw one another a few times on and off in a casual manner, Gomez ultimately decided that it was Bieber she wanted to be with. She broke things off with Mahone, and she began dating Bieber again. It’s been a toxic relationship for the star, and many fans think that she would have been much happier and much more laid-back dating someone like Mahone instead of Bieber.

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