Five of the Biggest Anti-Lady Gaga Tumblr Pages

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In the six years since the release of her debut album, The Fame, pop star Lady Gaga has amassed over a million fans and won several awards including five Grammys.  Gaga has also used her time in the spotlight to help those in need and has donated money to victims of natural disasters.  She has also tried to raise awareness in regards to issues of inequality. In 2012 she created the Born This Way Foundation, a non profit group whose mission is “to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.” Gaga’s entertaining spirit and accepting attitude have helped her win many hearts; however, while she has entertained and helped countless people, she simply cannot please everyone. Apparently, some people even dislike Gaga so much that they have dedicated their time to telling the world(wide web) just how much they disapprove of Gaga and everything she stands for.  Here are five anti Lady Gaga Tumblr pages.

5. Lady Who

This Tumblr page, which is dedicated entirely to making fun of Lady Gaga, proudly posts unflattering pictures of the singer.  The site contains several digs at Gaga and her talent including a screenshot of a tweet which says, “the only nomination Gaga got during the ARTPOP era was for the ice bucket challenge.”

4. Against Gaga

Throughout her career Gaga has become well known for taken a stance on equal treatment for members of the LGBT community.  In 2010 she spoke out against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and it has been largely assumed that Gaga has had a positive relationship with the gay community; however, the Gays Against Gaga page says otherwise.  However, instead of disrespecting Gaga and other celebrities who may use their stance on certain issues as a way to make themselves more marketable, the site proudly displays this message at the top of its page “Because some of us queers can see through the marketing machine, Because some of us aspire to create our own culture, not just settle for being a target market, Because we refuse to be pawns for companies like Target that funnel our dollars towards anti-gay extremists Because we stand in solidarity against racial and economic injustice, This blog collects dissenting voices.”

3. Why Lady Gaga is the Anti-Christ

Apparently there’s more to Lady Gaga than we thought.  This Tumblr page, created by someone who is convinced that Lady Gaga is the devil, lists numerous reasons to support his/her claim.  According to the list, “The antichrist is popularly believed someone with political affiliation with a religious background opposed to God and Christ. Sure, Gaga is an artist, a contemporary one at that, but a true fan can’t forget her speech against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

2.  Your Fave Is Problematic

This page is all about pointing out problematic things done by those in the spotlight.  The page dedicated to Lady Gaga lists a number of questionable things the star has done, including appropriating religious garments and posing for photographs in brown face.

1. I Hate Lady Caca

Keeping it as simple as possible, the I Hate Lady Caca Tumblr page allows users to submit their reason (or reasons) for hating Lady Gaga.

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