Katy Perry and 9 Other Celebs Without Makeup

Katy Perry without makeup

Although nearly every girl just assumes that they look at their best when they’re all dolled up with makeup, the truth is that sometimes—more than they would probably think—they actually look healthier and much better when they put down the mascara and go with a more natural look. I admit that, as a guy, I’m not a huge fan of the girls who pile on their makeup to try and cover up any blemishes or just to try and look better. So when people post pictures of them without it—especially celebrities—I’m always sort of happy to see it. One of the ladies who doesn’t seem to care who sees her without it is singer Katy Perry, who has more than a few pics of her floating around the Internet of her showing nothing but what her mama gave her. And because I’m such a fan of the ladies who do it, I figured I’d give you the celebs who have joined Perry in her no makeup movement, flashing a smile for the camera without it on them.

10. Rachel Bilson


Regardless of how old I continue to get, actress Rachel Bilson remains one of my all-time favorite celebrity crushes—but maybe that’s just because she resembles one of my exes? While that may have a small factor, the main reason is because she’s about as attractive as they come, often showing her pretty face for the camera in either subtle or zero makeup on at all. As someone who admitted that I find that to be a major positive, it’s no reason Bilson continues to impress wherever she goes.

Photo: Alice Muller/Flickr

9. Olivia Wilde


One of the naturally pretty girls in Hollywood, actress Olivia Wilde isn’t afraid of pulling off whatever look she feels most comfortable. Sometimes that’s all made up with makeup on for a premiere, awards show or magazine shoot, and other times it’s just wearing a ball cap and jeans, dressing it down—while still looking great. Dating faunnyman Jason Sudeikis, I’m sure he would agree that she looks just as great in sweatpants as she does on the red carpet.

Photo: Reddit

8. Bar Refaeli


It must be a tough life being a supermodel like Bar Refaeli is. As someone who really likes seeing what she posts on her Instagram account every single day, I can tell you that she’s not shy in holding back pressing the camera’s trigger whether she’s wearing makeup or not. And that’s a very good thing, because Bar is about as naturally cute as they come, showing off features like stunning eyes, light freckles over her nose and a smile that instantly lights up a room—and who doesn’t need makeup to appear any prettier.

Photo: Instagram/BarRefaeli

7. Jessica Alba


Like others on this list, actress Jessica Alba has the whole natural look down pat. Heck, it’s arguably one of the reasons she even found herself with an acting career in the first place years ago. And because she looks good whether decked out with makeup on or going more low key without it, Alba isn’t afraid to show herself on camera without the extra accessory on her face—which is good, because, honestly, she doesn’t really need it.

Photo: Instagram/JessicaAlba

6. Kendall Jenner


She may still just be 18 years old and have those young looks to her advantage, but that doesn’t mean hat model/starlet Kendall Jenner is any less prone to wanting to wear makeup. The thing is, Jenner doesn’t even have to, as she has posted several pictures of herself on her Instagram account bearing nothing but her natural look. As one of the most sought after young models and beautiful girls on the planet, Kendall knows she doesn’t need all the makeup to look good.

Photo: Instagram/KendallJenner

5. Courteney Cox


Even as actress Courteney Cox ages, she has one thing that is a major advantage for her—she has insanely good looks. For that reason, Cox can show up somewhere without makeup and still look as good as she would if filming or shooting something that requires her to wear the stuff. For those wondering, yes, I would be completely happy having my future wife turn out like Courteney, who is confident and stylish whether with makeup on or not.

Photo: Friends_WB/Flickr

4. Jessica Biel


Justin Timberlake really is one lucky guy, isn’t he? On top of being arguably the biggest pop star on the planet, have ownership in his hometown NBA team—the Memphis Grizzlies—and continue to show that he’s just about as down-to-earth as they come, he gets to cozy on up next to the lovely Jessica Biel. Sure, Biel looks amazing while walking the red carpet in a dress that hugs her figure, but she looks just as great when she’s laying next to Timberlake on the couch watching a movie, too. And when she does step out without makeup on, no one thinks any differently about her—because she kills it!

Photo: Instagram/JessicaBiel

3. Emma Watson


While every one of these ladies is absolutely stunning with or without makeup, my personal favorite has to be British actress Emma Watson who, for the lack of better words, just “does it” for me. One of the most gorgeous people on the planet, Emma knows that it really doesn’t matter if she’s wearing makeup or not, the camera will always find and love her. No matter what look she’s going for, let’s just see more pics of Emma!

Photo: TheChaoticWretch/Flickr

2. Jennifer Aniston


While I mentioned actress Courteney Cox earlier, her former Friends costar and one of her real-life best friends Jennifer Aniston follows in her footsteps as looking incredible when she decides to go au naturale. Even as Jen gets older, she proves to remain most guys’ all-time crush—and a lot of it has to do with her natural looks. For that reason, she’s never shy to show her face without makeup to the world, which I can appreciate.

Photo: enzer_flicks/Flickr

1. Taylor Swift


One of the most classic looking lades in showbiz, singer/actress Taylor Swift probably often wears makeup, but she has proven time and time again that she really doesn’t need to rely on it all that much, as she looks great either way. Taylor can sing, act and, when she decides to step out in just a t-shirt and jeans without any makeup on, just as amazing as she would if she were all dolled up for an awards show.

Photo: Instagram/TaylorSwift

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