Mila Kunis Has Big Feet and 7 Other Facts About the Star

Mila Kunis Arrives

It’s not hard to identify where actress Mila Kunis is these days. With just one whisper of her voice, and everyone in the room with undoubtedly turn around to hear what the starlet has to say. That’s because, like a few other celebs, she has a few very recognizable features that identify with fans. On top of her good looks, Mila’s other attribute is that voice, which, many of us are well-aware of thanks to her lending it for Meg Griffin from the TV show Family Guy for years. Sure, she has a lot of other things that are great about her—just one look at her and that’s pretty obvious—but there’s nothing quite like the way she sounds when talking. Still, there are very few people on this planet that don’t familiarize Kunis with her cartoon character, which is why I wanted to give you a few other facts about her that you might be surprised to hear about. So for all of you diehard Mila Kunis fans out there, keep reading to learn a few things about her that you otherwise might not have known.

8. She’s Pint-Sized…Except For Her Feet

Although Mila Kunis is best known for her voice, her other amazing feature happens to be her eyes. Big, dark and bold, those things could cut right to a man’s soul and have him tell the darkest secrets in his life. Besides those, though, one might not know that Kunis is actually pretty darn small. In fact, because of her height—she claims to stand 5’4″—she often wins bets with people who question that she actually is that tiny. While she’s tiny everywhere, Mila Kunis’ feet are actually size 7.5 in women’s, making her a bit disproportionate with other people her size thanks to feet that are a bit bigger when comparing them to the rest of her frame.

7. She Was Tutored Throughout Most of High School

Due to her filming schedule for That ’70s Show, Mila was actually tutored to get the basic high school education when she wasn’t in front of the camera, acting. When not on set, though, she attended Fairfax High School to try and live a somewhat normal high school schedule. Upon graduating in 2001, Mila briefly attended UCLA and Loyola Marymount University in L.A., but never completed at either thanks to her booming acting career.

6. She’s Not a Fan of Plastic Surgery

While other stars try to maintain or enhance their looks by going under the knife, Mila Kunis isn’t buying into the hype, admitting that she has never had any work done—even though some sites have reported otherwise. One website, in particular, actually had a side-by-side shot of an apparent nose job that Mila had done, with the before and after photos looking pretty much identical. Kunis’ response? If I were going to get anything done, I would get something real.

5. She Wasn’t Always For the Red, White and Blue

Growing up in Ukraine, Mila Kunis actually had never tried any American food until she was seven-years-old, which, almost naturally, was a Coca-Cola in the Moscow airport. She claims to have hated the taste of it, and that she just didn’t understand why anyone would want to drink it. Having grown up on juice and water her whole life, she never even had sparkling water, so the taste was completely foreign. Of course, these days, she has admitted to loving some Diet Coke.

4. She’s Kind of a Geek

When any guy looks at a woman like Mila Kunis, the first thought is probably anything but geek. But, for those who want to judge a book by its cover, those guys would be missing out on Mila—because she has claimed to be 100 percent geeky. She has claimed to read a lot, often researching different products like soaps and creams. But don’t take her for a girly-girl just yet, because she loves adventure shows that, in her own words, should make her throw up, yet she continues to watch. Forget a dime a dozen, a girl like that is about a penny a dozen.

3. She Nearly Got Booted From a Baseball Game for Heckling

If there’s one thing that this proves, it’s that Mila Kunis is feisty. Having said that she isn’t necessarily a New York Yankees fan in the slightest, she did say that she was ticked off that the team the Yanks were playing—the L.A. Dodgers—had fans who didn’t know how to just enjoy a baseball game. Rather than ignore all the people on their Blackberries, though, Kunis decided to shout as loud as she could to make them upset and become a distraction, nearly getting escorted out for doing so. Talk about being passionate to have a good time, huh?

2. She Likes Her Video Games and Sci-Fi

Mila Kunis has been known to be quite the gamer, admitting that her and her ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin actually played the video game World of Warcraft almost religiously after she lost an insane amount of money in Vegas on a poker game. Having quite Wow cold turkey, her new jam is the Facebook game Farmville, though, as she has been known to play it for hours at a time. On top of her games, though, Kunis is a staple at Comic Cons and other sci-fi events around the country, saying that she went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas several years ago and hung out with a bunch of fake characters inside of Quark’s bar, loving every minute of her time spent with them.

1. She Hadn’t Dated Any That ’70s Show Cast Member Until Ashton Kutcher

As mentioned earlier, Mila Kunis had a longtime boyfriend in Macaulay Culkin for nearly nine years—which happened to overlap with her time on the popular TV hit, That ’70s Show. While it had always been rumored that Mila was getting cozy with one of her co-stars, she had always denied all the rumors, often stating that the guys on the show were like her brothers. Apparently, though, that all changed when Ashton Kutcher approached her in 2012, with the two holding steady since then, even having a daughter together earlier this year. Talk about a turn of events in that department, huh?

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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