From Pixie to Dreads, Ciara is the Reigning R&B Hairstyles Diva


Ciara, an American R&B singer-songwriter and dancer, is infamously known for two things. First, her dancer’s body that she loves to flaunt – have you seen her music videos? – and second, her varying hairstyles. Ciara changes her hair like Taylor Swift changes boyfriends. Something new every few months – a different mood, a different style. That’s not to say her hair looks bad though, not at all. Ciara’s style, though constantly changing, always maintains an air of sophistication. A purposeful style that is always carefully calculated. Whether its long locks with a light curl to keep her warm in the winter, or a short pixie in the summer, Ciara knows how to rock the hair.

Ciara first rose to fame in 2004 when her hit single, “Goodies” reached the top of the charts. Quickly followed by “1, 2 Step” and “Oh”, Ciara solidified her spot in the R&B universe. And even though Ciara isn’t turning out back-to-back hits anymore, she’s still very much in the spotlight. She recently had a baby boy with ex-fiancée Future, and despite motherhood, she has not shied away from the camera. Ciara actually loves the attention, maybe not as much as her counterpart Rhianna, but she still manages to pop up on our Facebook newsfeed or trend on Twitter when a new photo comes out.

In fact, this past summer she sported dreadlocks, a controversial look for someone who usually looks so put-together. Fans were shocked to see Ciara with a mop of hair on her head, a tangled blanket of blonde and brunette locks. The new hairdo blew up the internet, causing opposing factions to form – for and against – but she didn’t care. It was another purposeful style by someone who makes it a point to change her hair based on the situation (in this case, matching her then-fiancée Future’s dreadlock style).

But then again, this is nothing new for Ciara. She treats her hair like it should be treated – an accessory, a statement. She takes advantage of this and makes her hair her biggest feature, the
trait that makes the look. Anybody who’s ever experienced a bad hair day knows how important a good hairdo is. You can rock an amazing outfit, looking fabulous in a new dress, but if your hair is off, you won’t feel good. Ciara is well aware of this, so she makes her hair a statement, the finishing touch to her unique style. That’s why she’s not afraid to change her look every few months.

In fact, before Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson rocked the pixie cut this past year, Ciara was cutting it short in 2009. For a few months that summer, Ciara was loving the “short hair, don’t care” attitude. The cut fit her style, her game-on attitude, yet also perfectly framed her face – her high cheekbones and narrow jaw. That’s what Ciara does so well. Take a haircut and make it a fashion statement. A purposeful style that looks effortless, yet flawless at the same time.

2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Ciara takes charge of her hairstyle and makes it her own. Whether the change is small or drastic, she does what she wants. Ciara knows what makes her look good. So even though the styles are all different, and sometimes look a little too extreme, they all work. And sure enough, even the dreadlocks looked pretty good on her. Another calculated decision by the hairdo diva.

Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Hyundai

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