A Ranking of Each Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant Out There

Lisa Vanderpump at 2012 Miss Universe pageant

When it comes to the restaurant game, Lisa Vanderpump is far more than just a reality TV star.  The real house wife of Beverly Hills, along with her husband, Ken,  has owned restaurants all over the world. However, with the success of the show, it’s easy to forget that she’s actually a pretty accomplished and involved business woman who has been building her brand (and her fortune) over the last several years. With that being said, Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants have gotten a lot of attention from viewers out there, and now that she’s famous, it has only made her restaurants even more popular. But are you wondering which Lisa Vanderpump restaurant is the best option? Well, you’re about to find out; here is a ranking of each Lisa Vanderpump restaurant out there.


Table Setting At Pump Restaurant in Los Angeles

Pump is the newest Lisa Vanderpump restaurant on the scene, and it’s already making quite the name for itself in Los Angeles. The upscale, but comfortable, Italian style restaurant, is dedicated to providing customers with a unique and classy experience. According to Pump’s website, “As you enter through the majestic gates, topped with burning flames, you feel immediately transported to a magical garden, perhaps in Tuscany or Provence. We have created a space that feels as if you alone have discovered it, as you wonder how on earth you haven’t been here before.” Pump features beautiful scenery that will definitely make your meal that much more enjoyable. The menu features some of your favorite Italian dishes at a price that may be reasonable for people in Los Angeles, but might seem a little pricey to most people. Although you get what you pay for, some people may not want to spend 25 bucks on a single plate. However, Pump also doubles as a bar/lounge so if you have your heart set on going to this Lisa Vanderpump restaurant, you can still hangout and have a good time without breaking the bank.

image via https://twitter.com/PumpRestaurant/

Villa Blanca

Villa Blanca dining room

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this is one Lisa Vanderpump restaurant you’ve probably heard a lot about. For a while, there was even a debate between Lisa and some of the other women over whether or not she actually owned the restaurant. However, with her stamp firmly on the establishment, and with a name like Villa Blanca – which essentially means ‘white house’ – , this place can’t lose. According to Lisa Vanderpump, the restaurant is “going to be sexy, white, clean, comfortable and inspired…gorgeous art, stylish furnishings and creative music selections will bring life and style to the new space. The ambiance will be extremely important to the experience of eating at Villa Blanca—flowers, lighting, chairs, staff—every aspect will look great. If the ambiance isn’t great, you might as well stay home and order take-out.” Creating a classy environment similar to Lisa Vanderpump’s reputation, the upscale Beverly Hills restaurant is “sexy, stylish, and romantic.” The restaurant’s menu features a pretty decent offering of dishes including Italian and American dishes. Surprisingly, there are actually some things on the menu that aren’t too pricey. On top of that, the restaurant has become a pretty popular spot for Hollywood hot shots, and several reality shows have used Villa Blanca for taping their episodes. Villa Blanca has also been featured during episodes of RHOBH, and it’s always been beautifully decorated and welcoming. There’s no denying that Lisa Vanderpump is certainly proud of this booming restaurant.

image via http://banksamritpricha.tumblr.com


The bar at Sur restaurant

SUR is by far the most famous Lisa Vanderpump restaurant of them all. Thanks to the reality show, Vanderpump Rules, this West Hollywood restaurant has become a star in its own right. The show, which features Lisa Vanderpump’s staff at the restaurant, has definitely made SUR seem like the place to be if you want to hangout at one of the hippest spots around. But if all of the fanfare isn’t enough to lure you in, SUR is actually a great restaurant that is all about giving a top of the line experience. According to the restaurant’s website, “Sur offers guests friendly, attentive service and sumptuous international cuisine for a truly unique dining experience.” With plenty of food and drink options that should be able to give you whatever you have a taste for. As with the two other Lisa Vanderpump restaurants, the prices are definitely a little high if you’re just looking for a cheap place to have a good meal, but on the flip side, there are some great appetizers that make perfect food for those who are just looking to spend the night at the bar. You already know, any restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump is going to be top of the line everything, and gets should only expect the best.

image via https://twitter.com/SurRestaurant

Lead (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

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