10 Reasons Heather Dubrow is Going to Make a Great TV Host

Heather Dubrow will make an excellent host

We all know and love Heather DuBrow from the Real Housewives of Orange County and her many television roles, and we love her husband, too. Dr. Terry Dubrow is a world-famous plastic surgeon from Orange County and he has his very own reality television show called Botched. Together, these two might be the most down-to-earth, hilarious couple on reality television. I find that I have a particular affinity for Heather Dubrow as our lives are similar in many ways. No, my husband is not a plastic surgeon, he’s a banker. No, I’m not an actress, I’m a writer. But we both have a very dry sense of humor, we are loyal to our friends and we love champagne. We also both have four kids, including three girls and a boy, and a set of boy/girl twins. So, there’s that. Additionally, my own ‘people’ call me Fancy Pants and that just so happens to be the same nickname Heather Dubrow was given on reality television by her RHOC friends.

When she recently announced that she will be hosting her own television show as a sort of follow-up to her husband’s reality show, I was stoked. More Heather Dubrow, hilarious and honest mom of four? Yes, please! And for that reason, I have a long list of reasons she’s going to make an amazing talk show host, but I won’t subject you to more than just the 10 best reasons.

She’s Good

Heather Dubrow is good at what she does, and that’s engaging the world in what she has to say. She has a lovely personality, she’s very good in front of the camera and she’s good at always maintaining her poise even when things are not going her way. When she was bombarded with prank calls as she and her husband introduced their new skincare line on live television from her friends in the OC, she was quick and to the point, made us laugh and got them off the phone without hurting any feelings or wasting any time. She’s just that good.

She’s Funny

She’s the kind of woman who knows that a little self-deprecation and honesty goes a long way. She’s living a glamorous and amazing life, but she’s not flaunting it in anyone’s faces or making anyone feel less than amazing. She’s got this hilarious way of making jokes that has us all laughing but never actually makes fun of anyone. She’s funny, honest and she’s just so cool.

She’s Smart

Heather Dubrow is no idiot. She’s an intelligent woman who knows what life is all about, how it works and how she can make the most of it. She knows that she’s exceptionally fortunate and that her life is good, and she makes sure she appreciates that on a regular basis. But she’s also smart. She can talk about anything, she never comes across as unknowing or stupid, and she’s someone who is so engaging that she makes you feel that everything you are saying is the most important thing she’s ever heard.

She’s Very Personable

When someone is so personable that she can be a little bit of everything and make you feel that you could be the very best of friends if you could just meet in real life, she’s personable. Heather Dubrow is personable. Sure, you might expect that being wealthy and gorgeous and having the world at her fingertips would make her a snob (and maybe she is and I’m enough of one that I don’t see it myself), but it doesn’t. She’s so personable and very much able to engage anyone, which is going to serve her well as a talk show host.

She’s Relatable

When people talk to you and they feel that they have something in common with you, and that you get them, it makes a different. Heather Dubrow is good at that. When she is speaking with someone, she is always relatable in that she has an experience or story or thought that is right on point. She recently Instagrammed a photo of herself driving her four kids to their schools that all start at different times, and I immediately felt that we have something in common as I do the same thing with my own four kids every single morning. I get it, Heather. I get it.

She’s Lovely

Anyone can look at Heather Dubrow and agree that she’s beautiful, but I’m talking about lovely. She’s not only aesthetically lovely, she’s lovely on the inside. She’s someone you can tell is a good person inside and out, and her inner beauty radiates. You know how sometimes you can just tell that someone is awesome? Well, I believe that Heather Dubrow is one of the awesome ones.

She’s Quick

You cannot ruffle her feathers. No matter what happens, what type of situation she finds herself facing; no one is ruffling Ms. Fancy Pants’ feathers. She’s too cool for that. She’s not an over-reacting crazed woman, either. She’s cool, calm and collected and she is quick to respond, to argue her point with respect and to make sure she is heard without being hurtful at the same time.

She’s got the Experience

She’s only been on television for years. That gives her just a little bit of experience and it’s that kind of comfort in front of the camera that is going to make Heather Dubrow an amazing talk show host. She’s got the knowledge and experience to make her good at this, and we have no doubt she will pull it off with every success imaginable.

She Owns Her Life

If there is one thing that is factual about Heather Dubrow, it’s the fact that she absolutely owns her life. She is not ashamed of her wealth. She is not ashamed of her excessively large home or her love of expensive champagne or designer shoes. She also doesn’t care if other people prefer things that aren’t so expensive. She actually doesn’t care about what people do or wear; she’s very real in terms of a reality television star. She’s perfectly honest about her high-maintenance ways and her love of the finer things in life, and we appreciate that.

Heather Dubrow is Witty

The woman can crack a joke and lighten the mood in a second. She’s married to a perpetual funnyman, too, so that helps. Heather Dubrow is nothing if not witty, and that’s going to serve her quite well as a talk show host.

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