Taylor Swift Perfume and 9 Other Celebs With Their Own Fragrances

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Although we all tend to lean towards for more traditional brand names like Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren for our fragrances, there have been a number of celebrities who have actually gotten their own lines of the smelling stuff. One of the first happened to be actress/model Elizabeth Taylor back in 1988, which started a trend that has expanded to some of our favorite celebs in the world right now. And with singer Taylor Swift recently releasing her own fragrance called “Incredible Things” just in time for the holiday season, it got me thinking about a few others who have had the opportunity to cash-in on doing the same thing. From actors to singers and, yes, even athletes, fans have had the chance to see what some famous folks enjoy smelling like the most, and here are some of the most noteworthy celebs to have their own fragrance—which, I’m sure, a few of us have all sprayed once or twice in our lives.

10. Taylor Swift

Along with being one of the most beloved and classy ladies in showbiz, singer Taylor Swift added her own fragrance to her resume as an achievement, as she released “Incredible Things” in the past month. The singer is as powerful as they come in name recognition and style, so it won’t be a surprise to think that her perfume will see great acclaim along with pretty much everything she does with her name and face on it. The girl knows how to sell!

9. Justin Bieber

Say what you want to about singer Justin Bieber, but one thing that nobody can argue with is his place as a megastar, as the kid has earned millions of dollars since breaking onto the scene years ago. One of his many business ventures that have helped earn such cash and expand his brand? A couple fragrances, which, unsurprisingly, is geared towards the teenage girl demographic and include names like “Girlfriend,” “Someday,” “Collector’s Edition” and “The Key.” Bieber may be a bit wild, but he’s also proven to be a pretty shrewd businessman, too.

8. Lady Gaga

Although her desire to have some interesting smelling notes in her original fragrances were squashed—which included blood and, yes, even semen—Lady Gaga was able to release a fragrance called “Fame” that has seen tremendous success, selling over 30 million bottles worldwide. There are rumors that she’ll be releasing yet another fragrance soon, which will, more than likely, enjoy just as much attention as her first one, as she seems to be beloved by fans all over the world.

7. Madonna

With a booming singing career since the mid-’80s, it’s probably a little bit surprising that Madonna didn’t get into the fragrance business earlier, but, it was probably only a matter of time before she finally did. Inspired by the scent of her mom, the pop star released fragrances called “Truth or Dare by Madonna,” and “Truth or Dare Naked by Madonna” over the years. With a recognizable name that few can compete with, anything she stamps the word “Madonna” on typically flies off the shelves.

6. Rihanna

Oh, RIhanna, how we all love thou. Known as one of the bad girls in showbiz, the pop singer has taken the fragrance world by storm, pushing the limits into the more sexually-inspired smells with names like “Nude,” “Rogue” and “Rebelle,” to name a few of her past releases. And while those are all perfumes that were aimed at women, Ri-Ri launched a men’s cologne recently that will have every guy feeling as if she’s somehow wrapped around them every day.

5. Michael Jordan

He may be best-known for his basketball days where he won six NBA titles and became, arguably, the greatest baller ever, but Michael Jordan also once had a highly-touted fragrance that sold quite well. Seeing how popular Jordan was during his peak days in the ’90s, it’s not surprising to see that his Michael Jordan Cologne sold quite well, with teenage boys everywhere—including myself—wanting to get their hands on a bottle to smell good for all the middle school ladies.

4. Katy Perry

Another singer who is recognized for an outlandish style and for pushing the limits a bit, Katy Perry has seen her name flashed on a few fragrances over the years, including those named “Royal Revolution,” “Purr” and “Meow.” However, Perry’s most famous scent is probably her “Killer Queen” scent, which was inspired by her love for rock legend Freddy Mercury, who was the lead singer of Queen.

3. Beyonce

While there are power players in the celebrity game, there might not be any bigger names than Beyonce—or simply, B. The singer/actress exudes everything that a woman wants in their own life, including talent, individuality and a sexiness that is unmatched by many. For that reason, Beyonce has a handful of different fragrances that have had her name attached to them, proving that she’s a business who can influence fans by selling lots of perfume.

2. David Beckham

He’s, arguably, the most influential soccer player ever, growing into a global icon for both his skill, looks, style and philanthropic ventures, so seeing former soccer player David Beckham on this list probably isn’t too surprising. The name Beckham screams wealth and success—along with sexy—which is why he has taken the opportunity to release a handful of his own fragrances like “The Essence,” “Homme” and “Signature,” just to name a few. This guy seems to always make the right business moves, so having his own fragrances was just another one that proved such.

1. Kim Kardashian

Like a few others on this list, starlet Kim Kardashian may catch some heat for getting famous for very little, but don’t mistake the public persona she often gets of being untalented, because Kimmy K has some serious business chops. In addition to other ventures she has taken on by flashing her name on them, Kim has a few fragrances that are available to her fans, including “True Reflection,” “Glam,” “Gold” and “Signature,” which have all helped increase her name into one of the most prominent of any celebrity—whether we agree with it or not.

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