Twitter Users That Suggest Lil Wayne Smells Kind of Funny

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Over the course of his career, rap star, Lil Wayne has reached heights that many artists can only dream of. The once self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” has won four Grammy Awards and released five platinum solo albums.  However, the Wayne that we currently know and love has undergone somewhat of a transformation since the release of his debut album, Tha Block Is Hot, in 1999.  The 32-year-old Young Money millionaire went from a scrawny 17-year-old kid, to a long-haired star with a set of diamond teeth worth more than most people make in a year.  Wayne currently has over 100 tattoos, and it seems as though his skin is becoming less and less visible each time he appears in public. Due to Wayne’s often shoddy appearance, several hip hop fans have begun to wonder what he smells like.

Many listeners who are familiar with Wayne’s music believe that he probably smells like a certain illegal green plant, as much of Wayne’s lyrical content revolves around his relationship with his dear friend, Mary Jane. Wayne himself has admitted that his smoking habit has left its stench on his life and in 2009, when Wayne put his Miami condo on the market, rumors began to circulate that he was struggling to find a buyer due to the unit’s odor.  Wayne; however, addressed the situation and said that he was “not having trouble selling it” and potential buyers actually seemed not to mind the smell.

Still, what Wayne actually smells like remains unclear. In his music he has suggested that he smells like a number of other things.

In 2010, while Wayne was awaiting sentencing on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, rumors began circulating that Wayne would have to have all of his teeth pulled due to diamond and gold grills he had become accustomed to wearing.  While many of the initial reports were blown out of proportion, Wayne did in fact need to have oral surgery done which included eight root canals and several implant replacements.  With a mouth full of bad teeth, the public began to weigh in on Wayne’s breath, which many people believed could not possibly smell good.

Although  most people will never get close enough to Wayne to find out what he (or his breath) really smells like, people still seem to be fascinated with his aroma.  While he probably smells like money, many Twitter users have come up with scents of their own – and according to almost all of them, Lil Wayne stinks.  Here are ten tweets that suggest that Lil Wayne has an interesting odor.

“I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” is a popular American folk song that has been around for centuries.   Although it has become less common, railroad work is often associated with long hours and lots of manual labor – just the type of thing that could lead to a very unpleasant odor. However, Lil Wayne, who probably flies around the world in a private jet, or at the very least, in first class, is nowhere near close to working on a railroad.

Subways, especially those in New York City, are notorious for being unclean.  Often forcing people to squeeze together in close quarters, subways can sometimes fill with an array of odors.  Before riders enter the subway, they must wait at the platform for it to arrive, and these designated waiting areas are often not much better than the inside of the subway.

It is unclear if this user is comparing Wayne’s scent to blue cheese salad dressing, or actual blue cheese that has become moldy and discolored over time; either way, neither of the options are pleasant.

While back child support may not be a sent that most people can call to mind, mothballs are a common household items for those who wish to protect their clothing from damage from moths.  Mothballs contain a pesticide that is supposed to keep moths away; however, due to the balls’ strong odor, they often end up keeping people away as well.

Anyone who has ever experienced the joys of recess knows that after 20 to 30 minutes of playing games and running around outside, a strong sweaty odor is bound to follow.  This user believes that regardless of Wayne’s wealth, he cannot avoid this post kickball stench.

Even Lil Wayne’s breath isn’t exempt according to this user.  Although Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham is a fictional dish the lump of green meat depicted on the book’s cover certainly doesn’t look appetizing or fragrant.

This Twitter user apparently hasn’t spent much time studying the periodic table. Although the chemical element, sulfur, has wrongfully gained a reputation for smelling like “rotten eggs” this necessary element is generally odorless.  However, sulfur is commonly confused with hydrogen sulfide which does tend to smell like rotten eggs.

There’s always one person who refuses to believe the hype, and in the midst of Twitter proclaiming that Lil Wayne smells like dozens of horrible things, @ElizabethLiaa shares her contradictory opinion.  However, unlike many other stars, Lil Wayne has never endorsed a cologne, or any other fragrance for that matter, so it is unclear what exactly “the scent of his cologne” would be.

Although it is not uncommon for feet to smell, British reality TV star, Charlotte Crosby is willing to bet that Wayne’s feet are a part of the majority.

Again, Lil Wayne’s breath is called into question when this user suggest that Wayne’s mouth smells like a combination of codeine and cat-fish.  Codeine is a chemical ingredient often found in cough syrup and tablets.  Lil Wayne and several other rappers, including his Young Money label mate, Drake, have admitted to using codeine recreationally. One of Lil Wayne’s most popular quotes, “don’t worry about what’s in my cup,” came during a time where many people were speculating that Lil Wayne was addicted to lean, which is a name for a beverage made with codeine and cough syrup.

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