Wendy Williams Says Kris Jenner Won’t Divorce ‘To Keep Money’

Wendy Williams had some rough words for Kris Jenner on yesterday’s “The Wendy Williams Show” accusing the Kardashian matriarch of not being truthful about her separation from Bruce.  Williams accuses Jenner of lying about her relationship with Bruce when Kris said they are still friendly and talk on the phone everyday. Williams said Kris will say or do anything in an attempt to maintain her family’s public image.

Williams went on to say, “I feel in my heart she’s the type that just rather hang on to the marriage just to keep the money. Just split the money with Bruce and let him go on about his business and everything,” advises Williams, noting, “Money doesn’t keep you comfortable at night.”

Williams also went on to encourage Bruce to get a divorce. She believes that if he wants a divorce he should go get it. Of course, he’s probably taken notes from the situation that Kim Kardashian put Kris Humphries through so he may be second-guessing himself. Williams’ assessment of Kris Jenner is nothing new. That has been the public sentiment about Kris for years.

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