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15 Celebrities Who Have been Banned from Saturday Night Live

Arrivals And Front Row Day 4 : Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia S/S 2014

A lot of people don’t know that Saturday Night Live actually banned famous celebrities from appearing on the show ever again. The show has tackled controversial topics in their skits but some of their guests have gone too far. There are others who were kicked out for life because they messed up their appearances so badly. This just shows Lorne Michaels isn’t afraid to give even the biggest stars the boot.  Here are fifteen celebrities who have been banned from Saturday Night Live.

(Photo by Kristina Nikishina/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia)

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  • jimmy9522

    From what i’ve seen on SNL, they would let anybody that could walk come on the show.

  • LanP

    Norm MacDonald = too funny for SNL (and for most of society’s sheep).

    • Shaun

      Please, Norm MacDonald is one of the lamest “comedians” ever. The guy is just not funny. And he never has been. I quit watching the show when he took over the news portion because I couldn’t bear it it was so awful.

      • distachio

        MacDonald wasn’t funny on SNL. Unless he was impersonating Burt Reynolds, that is.

        But listen sometime to recordings of his non-SNL routines and sketches. They’re hilarious.

    • danimal09752

      Right. 99 percent of people don’t find the guy funny at all…thus he is to funny for people to understand. Love the “you aren’t smart enough” to get it routine. Dane Cook fans have been pulling that tripe for years.

      • LanP

        (A) I don’t know who Dane Cook is
        (B) 67.7 percent of all statistics are completely made up by the narrator.

  • VincentVanZimmerman

    I remember the Replacements gig on SNL. Funniest thing on SNL for the last 20 years.

  • Michael from Randolph

    I thought the only requirement for hosting was that you had to have a pulse. SNL was noteworthy and even occassionally great for the first few years but it has been in a slow descent into obscurity ever since. It’s just taking too long to to get there.

  • k p

    I have banned SNL from my TV for over 15years

    • TheTruthAsIKnowIt

      I’ve been banned for 17 years

      • danimal09752

        20 years here…

        • liberalguilt

          I’m up to 21 now

          • John Smith

            Whenever Phil Hartman left, that was it for me. I watched a little bit the other night and am continuing my boycott.

    • Jim Chandler

      I’ve only seen one episode…That’s all I needed.

  • Bitofaquestionmark

    I can’t believe any of these people care about being banned from awful TV. Let it die already. It hasn’t been funny for 25 years

    • distachio

      So says someone who hasn’t watched it in 24 years.

  • http://eqquesz.wordpress.com/ Eqquesz

    A very bad Idea would be to put Steven Segal and Kimbo Slice with a bit, and LIVE on TV. But we can do this. Any offers?- Email me.

    • Timothy Beal

      I would like to see Steven Seagal VS Michael Jai White – in a real fight. Seagal would need a Doctor on stand by.

      • http://eqquesz.wordpress.com/ Eqquesz

        Hey Tim- Is it me, or does Steven Segal look like he got his throat cut, for real? Doctor and Chiropractor on stand by for him. Agreed.

        • Go Reds Suits

          That is dumb!

  • boomrr

    SNL is DVR fodder. No way you can watch it live. You have to be able to skip most of the bits. Typically the opening and Weekend News are the only palatable parts.

  • tapplegate2

    “Banned from Saturday Night Live”….. What should this tell you, about SNL?

  • Akm Dhl

    Snned’O’Conner any body?

    • Frankiev

      Needs to be home by 10, just a little spoiled brat!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5OWRRJh-PI&list=FLYJP3MjZQ-BJugrvyegfQ7Q&index=1&feature=plpp_video Alberto Knox

    Saw the Elvis Costello gig live on SNL. Was pure greatness.

  • Herm Inator

    Liberal censorship is what some of this is.

  • mrdog

    SNL is on NBC what else do you need to know?

    • scarhill

      Funny thing is SNL is closer to real news than anything seen on Fox News!

      • http://batman-news.com WhitedSepulchure

        And twice as much as on MSNBC! Is MSNBC even on the air anymore?

        • scarhill

          Yes, MSNBC is on the air.

          The reality my good man is people who watch Fox News do so because the have a need for validation of their views. Fox provides that validation. People who watch Fox are simply not open to the possibility opposing views may have some validity.

          On the other hand, progressive folks typically base their views on a more complete package. In other words, they weigh different views and develop a solid position. Such people do not need the constant validation wing nuts require. Hence they do not tune into MSNBC with the same frequency as do those who love Fox.

          Regardless of one’s view, restricting information to only one dogma, such as that espoused by Fox or Limbaugh, never results in an honest result.

          But please do continue to dwell in the world of Fox and continue as a angry person.

  • Jeff Slater

    Un- Freak’in Believable! They called Steven Segal a celebrity!

    • danimal09752

      Well look at the show we’re talking about. Like Segal, when it comes to SNL….nobody has cared for decades

    • distachio

      Being a “celebrity” only being famous for some reason. You know who he is without every having met him in person, yes? That makes him a celebrity.

      If they’d called him a “star” then you’d have something to joke about.

    • http://batman-news.com WhitedSepulchure

      They should hire you as a writer! Still laughing.

  • Dottie Mertsky

    SNL!!!????? Is that still on TV? Thought it died years ago.

    • blueEyedDevil

      it did :-)

      • Jim Chandler

        It’s a zombie…

        • kqs

          snl-z! thats a good one!

  • wheresstockton

    Seems to me that SNL tripped and fell on their own faces in selecting some of these in the first place

  • WCJ

    As if that’s a problem.

  • stonrdude

    None of these folks are big deals

  • sharon

    I have not watched that show in years, and don’t want to, it’s about as funny as listening to sheep communicate. They are lucky to be banned.

  • jamaicajoe

    Robert Blake won’t be doing any shows on SNL.

    • John Smith

      It could help ratings if he shot most of them.

  • Douglas Mend

    Steven Seagall is a pos.

    • wes oliver

      steven seagall is not a pos.

  • j.f.k.

    Saturday Live S..k’s anyway!

    • j.f.k.

      So doe’s Comcast!

  • music guy

    Who care about SNL, who cares about celebrities & who cares about idiot unholy cesspool wood, all it produces is garbage along with the no talented idiots it thinks are talented. TV went down the tube years ago. All celebrities are capitalist pigs who drain our pocket books with there wayyyyy over paid demanded salaries in which we pay through higher priced products! Who needs $300 million dollars to live on like Ray Ramone from Every body loves Raymond or the fat guy from King of Queens who gets by on around $250 million! Then we have Steven Segall who loves & approves of Putin & is a cop here in the states?

    • danimal09752

      So your feeling is that if they are able to get more money, they shouldn’t ask? Guess you don’t ask for raises at your job? Or is it just people making more than you that are pigs for ask? LOL

      You don’t like the capitalist thing? Move. Russia is nice this time of year comrad…

  • BillFromGoldenHill

    Lorne Michaels hasn’t been relevant for years–he’s like the boxer who became a washed up loser for staying in the game for long after their prime

  • GitGud74

    Who cares about SNL really? The show has been going down hill for many years now. Hardly any of the skits and performers are funny. SNL just isn’t what it once was and really it wouldn’t bother me one way or the other if they took it off the air. It’s garbage nowadays.

  • Ed L

    Possibly the worst actor I’ve ever seen, with horrible movies.

  • TheTruthAsIKnowIt

    This article runs every year. Not news

  • RAMairGTO72

    Last 2 elections it was found that most information (slanderous) was from SNL.
    They knows this because of errors in the “spoof” said on SNL VS what the news would report.
    Lesson.. Democrats vote via SNL opinions.

  • Joe Mamaluc

    I have banned SNL from my TV since 1985

  • phil g

    Funny thing is you could put these people together with the exception of the deceased ones and Seagall(who acts like he is dead) and they would put on a better show than SNL has seen in decades.

  • scarhill

    Calling Seagal a star is really a stretch.

    • danimal09752

      So is putting SNL in the same sentence with relevant

  • Thomas Karlmann

    I like the guys who were banned better than ANY recent episode of SNL I’ve seen. Yup, they want audience programming to go THEIR way, don’t they?

  • David Peterson


  • distachio

    I love how every time SNL comes up on the internet, the armchair pundits who haven’t watched it in 30 years declare it irrelevant, unfunny, desperate for a ratings boost, and that “no one cares.”

    Yet appearing on SNL remains on the must-do list of every campaigning politician and every actor trying to recover from a PR disaster…every actor with a hit movie or show still considers being invited to host SNL one of the perks of having hit “the big time”…the show continues to hire unknown performers who go on to hugely successful careers (Will Farrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers)…because it is irrelevant, unfunny, and no one cares.