10 of Our Favorite Nikki Mudarris Quotes on Love and Hip Hop

niki mudarris

If you love Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, then you probably love Nikki Mudarris. She’s got a mind of her own, a serious opinion about just how the world should run (Her way, by the way) and she’s not afraid to make it known how she feels and why she feels it. She’s a self-proclaimed star, a flawless woman and she’s a lot more than we like to give her credit for being. She might not make it obvious that she is a college educated woman with a brain on a regular basis but when you have a chance to look past her loud and abrasive personality, you get a chance to see her in a new light.

She’s smart, but she’s tough; she’s living her life her way. What we love about her is the array of fantastic things she not only says, but believes wholeheartedly. It was hard to find 10 of our favorite quotes for two reasons; one, there are so many amazing things she’s said. Two, it was difficult to find quotes in which I didn’t have to go through and bleep out every other word. Thankfully, she leaves me a lot to work with.

Why you so mad that I look so good?

I mean, it’s an honest question. Why are people so mad at those of us who do look so good? It seems to me that Nikki Mudarris is calling out a few of her haters for hating on her good looks. The next thing you know, she’ll be telling them that they’re just jealous they don’t look so good.

Be quiet.

Of all the things that she’s had to say on reality television, this one wins. It’s the best advice, the most sage piece of wisdom, and it’s everything. More people should hear this one.

I might be pretty but if you try me, I’m gonna probably have to **** you up.

She wants you to know that just because she’s pretty it does not mean she’s not afraid to take you out. Just remember that it’s usually the pretty ones that are the most hardcore when it comes to getting what they want.

Everyone knows that man belongs to me.

I’m not sure which man this is, since I don’t watch the show. I guess, then, that this makes her statement quite inaccurate. She’s got some man she wants to be with, and she views him as her property. We vote for this one as awesome.

Until Mr. Right comes knocking on my door, me and this big a** will be twerking all over the city.

You know what, honey? You do whatever it is you want to do. If you want to go out and have a good time while you’re single and ready to mingle, go for it. It’s your life. You only live once. You are who you are.

I’m glad you know your place.

This is my favorite line, ever. I love a woman who isn’t afraid to help remind someone of their place with  simple statement, a little comment and a bit of sass.

I’m back and looking fabulous as always.

If you don’t have confidence, what do you have? None of us is ever complete with serious confidence and a total control of our sense of wellbeing. She’s got it, and we think that more people could take a bit of her advice and do the same.

I’m not worried about her.

Who is? Why worry about other people in the first place? I prefer people who worry about themselves and don’t worry at all abou the other people in the world. What is the point of worrying about others when you probably need to spend time worrying about yourself in the first place?

Feel free to look at my a** when I walk away.

If she is granting permission, then it might be a good idea to take her up on that one. It’s not often you get the go-ahead for something like this. We say go for it and enjoy every moment of it.

You’re just charity to me. You’re like a peasant to me.

There is a small chance that Nikki Mudarris doesn’t know the difference between peasants and charitable cases. She should be worried about helping people like this; not worried about making them feel worse about their lives.

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