10 Reasons Why Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Evans Will Never Make It


Anyone else watch the Bachelorette this season?  Me, either. We started to make it through the season, but this particular group of people really did nothing for me and I found myself not watching after the first episode. That does not mean, however, that I did not pay attention to the news reports, the drama and all the gossip that came forth with this particular season. And despite the fact that Kaitlyn and Shawn are currently living their happily ever after in front of the cameras, making their public appearances for the first time as a couple, I just don’t think that they will make it. There are not many couples that do when they meet on this particular show. The couples that do last – or have lasted thus far – have a little something special about them, and it’s always obvious which couples are going to make it and which ones are not, and this couple is not. They don’t have that special something that some of the other couples have, and there are so many things working against them. Read on to find out why this couple will never last.

They met on the Bachelor

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against them for this very reason. Chances are good that their engagement will not last considering the fact that they were placed in a very interesting position in a very interesting circumstance that is so far from reality it isn’t even amusing.

Cameras stop rolling and relationships end

That’s just how it works on television. You’re in this haze of happiness and love, and then the cameras stop rolling and life is real, and it often does not work out for many of these couples. We hope that it’s not the case for this couple, but it could be exactly the case as time goes on.

She’s a bit immature

If there is one thing that struck me about Kaitlyn in just the first episode I watched of this particular season, it’s that she seems a little bit immature. Sure, she’s fun and hilarious and she’s got a great personality, but she doesn’t seem to be the personality type who wants to settle down have a family and kids and all the details that goes into that. She seems a bit too immature for that.

She already cheated on him

We all know it, and even though she apologized and certainly wasn’t exclusive with Shawn during this mishap, the problem is still here. She slept with another man, and that was not fair to any of the men she was dating at the time. She should not have done that, and she should have taken the high road.

She knew he was the one and still kept sleeping with other men

Is there more to be said about this one? I mean, really; you can’t say you are in love with one man and then sleep with another. It shows a lack of respect and a lack of moral aptitude, and it’s sad.

She lied

When she made the decision to confess about her intimate relationship with Nick, she made it a point to say it was a mistake and she regretted what happened very much. However, when she was with Nick, she made it a point to say that she was so happy with her decision to be with him intimately and that she has no regrets about her decision. She seems a bit like someone who might have a little bit of an issue taking responsibility for her actions in that she’s looking to say what makes her audience happy in the moment.

The pressure is real

There is a lot of pressure on an everyday relationship that does not come complete with cameras and other people and no privacy, and when there is so much lack of privacy, it’s not good. In fact, this is a couple that might find it difficult to make things work considering they have no privacy. Or perhaps having it will make it seem a little different for them than it was in their fantasy world.

Their lives are very different

These are two people who do have very different lives, but very similar interests. It works for some and it does not work for others. At the end of the day, however, this is a man who comes across as very honest about his feelings in every situation and she is not. She seems like someone who just doesn’t want anyone mad at her, so she will say whatever she has to say so that she doesn’t offend anyone. It could cause some serious problems for all involved.

She was so confused for so long

She said it herself; she was confused. She had such intense feelings for so many men, two in particular, and she did not know where to go with that or what to do with it. There is so much to be said about these two, and her feelings might not be spot on. She was confused in the moment, so imagine what she must have been thinking when the moment was over and she was watching these feelings of her again on television. There is little doubt she was reliving at least a bit of whatever she was feeling back then.

She doesn’t know what she wants

Kaitlyn seems fun and she seems like someone who really enjoys life, but she does not seem like someone who knows what she wants. She seems like she wants to want something particular, and she might even feel that this is the right time for her to want these things, but she makes it painfully honest in her comments and her questions that she’s just not sure what it is she really wants in her life. Hopefully she’s learning at the moment and she’s happy where she is and things will work out, but it seems to me she has a lot of growing up to do before she is where she needs to be.

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