10 Things You Didn’t Know about Drake Bell

Born in June of 1986 in Santa Ana, California, Jared Drake Bell, who goes by Drake Bell, is an American actor, voice actor, and musician who got his first acting part at a very young age. His career has been a successful rise in both acting and music, and he continues to rise in the Hollywood scene. Bell is no stranger to on-camera drama, relationship drama, or real-life drama. He has had his name mentioned in the tabloids for all of the above over the years, but he has still managed to carve out an impressive career in TV, music and film. If you have ever seen Drake Bell on television or in one of his films, you might know something about the actor, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Drake Bell.

1. Start of his acting career

Bell got a young start in acting, with his first experience in front of a camera being at the age of five. He was televised in the hit series, Home Improvement in the 1990’s, as well as he appeared in several TV commercials, including one for Pokémon Red and Blue. He has since, been in numerous television shows and feature films, including Disney’s movie, Frozen in time, and many others.

2. Is an accomplished musician

Along with being a talented actor, Bell is also a talented musician. Unlike his early start in acting, Bell’s music career got a later start and didn’t really get going until the early 2000’s. He learned how to play the guitar while playing a role in the 2001 TV movie, Chasing Destiny, also starring the famous Who’s, Roger Daltrey who gave him lessons.

3. Wrote the theme song for his hit Nickelodeon show

Nickelodeon is a favorite network for young kids and it has had several hit shows come off it, one of which was The Amanda Show, which Bell retained a part for until it was cancelled in 2002. When the show was cancelled, Bell accepted to do a spin-off show, The Drake and Josh Show, which was his first real opportunity to be able to show off his music talent and wrote the theme song for the show, titled, Found a Way.

4. First album release

Bell has said that he has had some big musical influences in his music career and they are The Beach Boys and The Beatles. His first album, Telegraph, was an album that was influenced by these two groups and it was independently released in 2005. The following year, Universal was the label that released his second album, Only Time.

5. Cousin to a famous MLB player

Drake Bell isn’t the only name in the family that is well-known, he also has a cousin that has a popular ring to it, especially if you are a big baseball fan. Bell is cousins to the San Diego Padres relief pitcher, Heath Bell. Heath Bell is a three-time, All Star winner and has won the Rolaids Relief Man Award.

6. Hit with multiple DUI’s

Bell has had a few run-ins with the law, primarily with his bad habit of drinking and driving. He was nabbed for drinking and driving, first, in 2009 and in December of 2015, he was arrested in Glendale, California for suspicion of a DUI and was released on $20,000 bail. He was then charged with a second DUI in January of 2016 and was sentenced to four days in county jail, although he only served one, due to good behavior and overcrowding in the jail. He also had his license suspended for the DUI.

7. Has had multiple on-set relationships

It is not uncommon to hear about celebrities hooking up with other celebs they work with on a movie or TV show, and Bell is no different. Many celebrities will even have multiple on-set relationships develop, however, Bell seems to have a real liking for his co-stars, and proof of that is that he has had 16 on-set relationships, including stars like, Payden LoPachin, Tess Taylor, Torrey DeVitto, and Quinn Paul.

8. Got into hot water with his Tweet

When famous athlete, Bruce Jenner made the announcement that he was going through his transgender change and would from now on, be known as Caitlyn Jenner, most were supportive of the change and she gained a lot of followers after her tweet that read: CallMeCaitlyn. Bell’s response to the tweet was one that caught heavy fire and he subsequently deleted all of his tweets regarding Caitlyn, including his first that read: Sorry….still calling you bankrupt.

9. Was told he’d never play the guitar again

On January 4, 2015, Bell sustained an injury to his wrist when he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool at his younger brother’s birthday party. His wrist was broken bad enough that he said he was told he would never play the guitar again. He thought his guitar career was over, but fortunately for him, the wrist healed better than doctors anticipated and he is still able to play just like he used to.

10. Had his jaw wired shut

Bell was in a bad car accident along the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles, California on December 29, 2005. Another driver ran a red light and caused a head-on collision that resulted in Bell suffering a fractured vertebrae and neck, along with a broken jaw. Bell lost 7 teeth and had to have his jaw wired shut in order for it to heal.

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