10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ladies of London’s Juliet Angus

Juliet Angus hanging out with her family at the Ivy Market Grill

When it comes to Bravo’s reality TV show, Ladies of London, Juliet Angus is one of the most talked about cast members. While fans are still divided on whether or not they like her, she’s still been getting a lot of attention. And you know what they always say, ‘all press is good press.’ However, with the show just getting into the swing of its second season, fans have another opportunity to get to know Juliet Angus. The smart and successful business woman is definitely making some waves, and it’ll be interesting to see where things go for her. But until viewers can come to a conclusion on whether or not she will be a fan favorite or a the next reality TV villain ;here are 10 things you didn’t know about Ladies of London’s Juliet Angus.

She’s only been in London for a few years

With the show titled, Ladies of London, you may be thinking that Juliet Angus and the rest of the ladies on the show are from London. However, that isn’t the case for Angus, who is actually a Chicago native. After spending some time traveling the world, Juliet Angus moved to London in 2010 where she currently works in the fashion industry.

She had a hard time adjusting to life in London

There are lots of Americans who dream of one day packing up and moving overseas, but for Juliet Angus, the adjustment wasn’t as easy she thought. During an interview, she revealed that she had a difficult time adjusting to the culture in London. Surprisingly; however, her biggest adjustment came with driving and parking. As you know, cars in other places in the world are built with the driver’s side on the right, which for Americans can be a huge adjustment when driving in other places. She also says that understanding some of the dialects is an issue that she sometimes still struggles with today.

Marissa Hermer recommended her for the show

When you watch reality TV, there’s a good chance you’re wondering how on earth a TV station found these people. Let’s be real, you think your life is pretty interesting, too and you want to know why you’ve never gotten a chance to shine. Well, apparently, it’s all about who you know. Juliet Angus got her break on the show from her fellow cast member, Marissa Hermer, who suggested that Angus be invited to be part of the cast.

She’s emotional

Juliet Angus is the type of person who is never afraid to keep it real. She’ll say what’s on her mind when she feels like it, and this is one of those qualities that you either love or hate. However, Angus also considers herself an emotional person, which has caused some problems for her with the Ladies of London. According to Angus, she’s found that British culture isn’t quite as ‘expressive’ as American culture and, “When you’ve been living here for a while you realize you’re not supposed to say what you’re thinking.” Unfortunately, she has yet to learn that lesson.

She has a college degree

Juliet Angus attended college at the University of Southern California where she earned a degree in journalism. Since graduating, Angus has put her skills to use as a PR person in the fashion industry where she’s gotten the chance to combine two of toe things she loves.

She loves going to movies

Apparently, Juliet Angus loves going to see movies and shows, but people don’t always love going with her. According to Marissa Hermer, “When you go out with Juliet, you buy tickets for Juliet show and that’s too much for some British.”

Some fans find her ‘annoying’

If you’re one of the viewers who loves Juliet Angus, you may have a hard time understanding what’s not to love about her. However there are lots of viewers who find Angus annoying. It looks like everyone isn’t a fan of her emotional and sometimes over-the-top antics.

She’s an ‘actress’

Okay, the word actress has to be used lightly here, because while Juliet Angus is often referred to as an actress, she has never actually appeared in anything noteworthy. A quick glance at her IMDB page will show you that well, her only TV appearances were on reality shows. While there are lots of debates as to whether or not reality TV is staged, either way, it doesn’t technically classify as acting.

She’s a millionaire

While people who appear on reality TV shows get a lot of notoriety, there isn’t always a lot of money to go along with it. However, thanks to her previous ventures, Juliet Angus, has amassed a net worth of about $6 million. That’s pretty impressive for someone you’ve probably never heard of before last year.

She wants to be more than just a reality TV star

Like most people, Juliet Angus wants to use reality TV as a launching point to further her brand. Seriously, who wants to only be known for being on a reality show? She has goals to expand her work in the fashion industry, and hopefully everything works out in her favor. However, it’s not uncommon for reality TV to ruin someone’s reputation so badly that it trickles into their life away from the show. Only time will tell if Juliet Angus is able to become a star in her own right.

 (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Caprice Holding)

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