10 Things You Didn’t Know about Simon Barney

Simon Barney with ex-wife Tamra

Most people know him from his time spent married to Tamra Judge (formerly Tamra Barney), real housewife from Orange County, but Simon Barney doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. The couple, who was married for more than 11 years before filing for divorce, share three children. The kids do not appear on Tamra’s reality television show anymore and much of that decision came straight from Barney. He does not want his kids associated with the life that their mother leads and, in fact, she doesn’t even have custody of their older daughter now that she’s chosen to live with her father.

Simon Barney did not get a good reputation when he was on television with Tamra, and many people assume it is because he is a jerk. However, just as many people seem to think that being married to someone like Tamra made him come across in that light because he was constantly watching her and becoming the voice of reason when she had too much to drink and began to misbehave. We might not know too much about Simon Barney, but we will learn more here.

Simon Barney Net Worth

Simon Barney has a net worth of approximately $2 million, most of which he earns working as a businessman in Southern California. He’s had a number of business endeavors in his life and he’s worked very hard to keep them afloat so he can care for his family.

He was Arrested

When he and his wife were in the middle of their heated divorce, Tamra called the law and reported that Barney threw a leash. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence after the incident, which occurred when the couple was arguing over who would get their dog in the divorce.

He Accused Tamra of Cheating

There were rumors for a long time that Simon was very controlling, and he seems to think that he can be because his wife was cheating on him for much of their marriage. He has accused his ex of being with many other men throughout the course of their marriage, and he cites that as part of the reason he decided to divorce his wife.

He did the Divorce Filing

There are many that assumed, mistakenly, that the divorce papers in this marriage were filed because Tamra finally grew tired of her husband. She played the storyline that he was controlling and mean to her for a long time and always said that she was afraid of him and that she was too scared to leave, yet he was the one that filed the papers and she began dating Eddie Judge soon after that.

He’s got a Bad Reputation

Even though Simon Barney has done everything he can to stay out of the spotlight since his divorce, he’s still working with a bad reputation. Many times on reality television he appeared controlling and mean to Tamra, telling her she could not leave the house in certain things that she was wearing and other forms of what she likes to refer to as emotional abuse. There is no proof that he was actually controlling except for a few incidents caught on camera and her words, but the reputation has stuck with him for a long time since he appeared on reality television.

He’s Accused of Turning His Daughter Against her Mother

It seems that Tamra, though long since divorced from Simon Barney, cannot stop talking about him. In early September, she gave an interview that states that her ex, Simon, is turning their oldest daughter against her and making sure she doesn’t want to have a relationship with her mother, even though he says that his daughter is tired of her mother’s immature behavior and how it affects her life when her friends and classmates make fun of her for her mother’s craziness in the press, on television and everywhere else.

He Claims that Tamra Barney is an Unfit Mother

Simon Barney likes to say that he doesn’t have to do much to prove that his ex-wife is an unfit mother if you just watch reality television. He says his daughter and their other children are horrified seeing their mother run around on television without clothes on, nude in the tub with her husband, talking about her sex life and behaving in a way that is just as inappropriate as it gets. He calls her classless and a terrible role model for their children.

He’s a Tampa College Graduate

Simon Barney is not an OC alum in that he’s spent his entire life there. He’s been in SoCal for a long time, but he did attend college in Tampa, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in business, which he has used to get as far as he has in the business world. He’s worked for Mercedes and for a tequila brand, and he is now working as a consultant for another major US Corporation.

He’s an Involved Father

There is not one person that can take a look at Simon Barney’s Facebook or Twitter accounts and say that he is not an involved and loving father. He works very hard to ensure he has a good relationship with his three kids, taking them to school and posing for first day photos with them, taking them on vacation and cooking for them on the holidays. He seems to have a lot of love for his kids, and it’s something that really shows in that his kids would prefer to be with him than with their mother.

He does not want his Kids on Television

Simon Barney does not want his kids on television. He did not like it when his wife at the time was filming her reality show, and he does not like it now. He keeps them off the show, refuses to allow them to be filmed and he is very big on making sure that they are kept out of the spotlight, though he does take a lot of photos of them for himself.

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