10 things You Didn’t Know about Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz is an American actor and TV personality. Born in Woodbury, Minnesota, Tom Schwartz was born on October 16, 1982 and has been appearing in a popular TV reality show, Vanderpump Rules that airs on the BRAVO network. Schwartz has found himself in hot water in his personal relationship with his longtime girlfriend, now wife, but in the meantime, he is growing in popularity in his career. Vanderpump Rules is a spinoff show from Real Housewives, of Beverly Hills and stars a former RHOBH personality, Lisa VanderPump. If you keep up with the show, you probably know who this young actor is, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Tom Schwartz.

1. Family was disappointed about career choice

Schwartz grew up in Florida and attended and graduated from Woodbury High School before he moved to Tallahassee, Florida in order to attend Florida State University. He began to pursue a pre-med degree but switched paths and planned to head to LA to pursue an acting career, which his family opposed. They were disappointed in his choice, but so far, it seems to be panning out for him.

2. Beyond acting

Yes, Schwartz is first and foremost an actor, but he also does other things, including modeling. He has appeared in several different magazines as well as ads. He is continuing to pursue his young acting and modeling career, and has appeared on Two and a Half Men (2013)2 Miles in 20 Minutes (2013), and True Blood (2008).

3. A married man

Schwartz is currently a taken man, however, it has been rumored that his relationship with fellow actor, Katie Maloney, may not be as solid as one might think. Schwartz and Maloney dated for a few years before they tied the knot in August of 2016, but it has been said that the couple have a rough relationship and are always fighting. It is anticipated that the relationship might come to an end.

4. Has been under the microscope for cheating

Schwartz has admitted that he has been unfaithful to Maloney. Before they married, Schwartz has said that he was in the middle of hard times with his own personal life and trying to find himself. He claims that he didn’t know where the relationship was going and he took advantage of their relationship. During his personal difficulties, he stepped out of the relationship and had an affair. Maloney seemingly forgave him but their relationship remains rocky.

5. Did not have a best man

When Schwartz and Maloney tied the knot, Schwartz did not have a best man, but all groomsmen and one groomswoman. As the tradition usually goes to have a best man and maid of honor, the bride and groom opted to forgo tradition and not choose one main person to stand up for them. Schwartz’s groomswoman wore a tuxedo right along with the rest of the men.

6. Got fired on the job

Before Schwartz became an actor, he worked as a bartender for a restaurant called, PUMP, in California. Schwartz lost his job due to him leaving his job in the middle of his shift and walked out. He was fired for his actions. His girlfriend at the time, Katie Maloney, is the one who helped him to get the job and basically begged the owner to give him a chance, then barely even starting the job, Schwartz claimed he had a panic attack and walked out. Maloney was mad and felt humiliated for sticking her neck out to get him the job to begin with.

7. Fans don’t like Schwartz

According to Maloney in an interview, fans are always sending her messages about her relationship with Schwartz and giving her their advice. Maloney claims that she gets lots of comments stating that they think Schwartz is an “asshole” and she needs to dump him and move on. She has said that their relationship is always under fire.

8. Had a physical altercation with girlfriend

Heated discussions and alcohol do not mix well and now Schwartz has a story about that very situation. At a birthday party for a cast member in Mexico, Schwartz and Maloney had both been drinking, and when Schwartz decided to share his drink with a fellow cast member who the other girls weren’t getting along with, Scheana Jancan, Maloney confronted him, she claims she wound-up getting a drink thrown in her face, but not by Jancan, but by Schwartz himself.

9. His best friend is from his reality show

Schwartz is good friends with a few fellow actors, but he talks about his two best friends as being guys from his reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, long time actor, Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor.

10. Net worth

This is a young actor that is just getting started in his career, so of course he doesn’t have quite a big net worth built up yet. He gets his income from his realty TV role as well as his modeling jobs and as of now, it is reported that Schwartz has a net worth of about $25,000.


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