10 Things Leah Messer Doesn’t Want You To Know

leah messer

If you know the name Leah Messer, it’s probably because you are one of the millions of Americans that love to engage in reality television shows that follow the lives of teenage girls after they become pregnant and as they give birth to their children. One, in particular, stands out the most; Leah Messer. She is a former teenager who became pregnant with a set of twin girls, and she is in the news right now as she was just awarded only partial custody of her girls after her ex-husband fought her and won primary custody of the twins. At only 23, she is the mother of three kids with two different men, and she’s spent the vast majority of her young adult life on television, raising her kids and showing the world her life as she lives it.

We know a lot about her, the drama in her life and the poor decisions she’s made throughout thanks to her love of being a reality television star, but there are a few things that we think Leah Messer probably wishes that the entire world did not know about her.

She’s been Married Twice at 23

She was married to her high-school sweetheart and the father of her twin daughters for a year, but she’s since divorced him and moved on in her life. They got married because they were expecting twins together, and they were young enough to think that they would be able to make things work so that they could have a family and be together. Obviously, it did not work. Leah Messer then married her second husband a year later, but recently divorced him, too.

She Cheated with her Ex-Husband

There were rumors that she had slept with her first ex-husband after he married his second wife, and she’s admitted that those rumors were true. On that note, Leah Messer says that while they did ‘hook up’ after he married his new wife, she has no feelings for him and it wasn’t a ‘serious’ thing that happened between them. It was, apparently, a very casual thing and it meant nothing to her.

She’s Not Allowed to Talk to her Daughter’s Unless Their Step-Mother in On the Phone

Because she slept with her ex-husband after he married his new wife, Lean Messer is no longer allowed to communicate with her own twin daughters when they are with their father unless their step mother is present and there for all conversations. She no longer trusts the two to communicate without her present. We think that’s a great way to start a marriage.

Her Kids Hate Their Life

Leah Messer has opened up about the fact that her kids told her they hate their life with their father and their stepmother and that they want to run away from home and come back to her because they love her so much and because they are so close to her. Unfortunately for Leah Messer, her kids were given to her ex for full custody.

She’s a  Prescription Pain Pill Addict

She began taking prescription pain pills when her third daughter with her second husband was born, and she has suffered a serious addiction because of it. Leah Messer did tell reporters earlier that she had a problem, but she was able to get it under control in a few weeks. It turns out, that’s not entirely the truth.

She was Under Investigation

She opened up a salon with her friends, but it was under investigation by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists for various reasons, forcing Leah Messer and her two partners to shut their doors and move on with their business. She maintains her innocence, but they didn’t wait for the investigation to conclude before closing shop.

She Stole from her Kids

Her kids have money put away for their future – thank goodness – but Leah Messer was accused of taking nearly $50,000 from one of her twin daughter’s accounts to use for her drug addictions. The money is missing, but she claims that it’s in another bank account somewhere else and that people just did not know that before they began accusing her of thieving from her own children. She is not appreciative of that.

Her Ex-Husband Doesn’t Trust her Parenting

When Leah Messer’s ex-husband demanded to know why their disabled daughter was not being taken to therapy, she claimed that their other daughter was sick. He made the announcement right then and there that he wanted full custody of the girls because that would mean less time he’d have to worry about his kids since they’d not be in her care.

She Doesn’t Put her Kids in Car Seats

It seems that Leah Messer does have an issue with cameras in that she forgets that there are present when she’s driving her kids to and from school. The police were called on her after many viewers witnessed her very young daughters up and moving around, playing in the back seat of her car when she was driving them to school. She claims that they unbuckle themselves when she buckles them into their car seats and that there is nothing she can do about it. All I will say here is that the one time my 4-and-a-half year old unbuckled herself and I saw her from the front, we stopped the car and didn’t move again until she was back in her seat, buckled and there for good. Just saying.

She likes to Blame Editing

There were plenty of times she was caught on camera doing things that were not appropriate with her kids, but she blames editing. Somehow when she was feeding her twins dinner at midnight, she claims that editing made the clock read midnight and that it wasn’t. When she passed out and dropped an infant baby on camera, she claims it was editing and that it never really happened. I think it’s safe to say that no one really believes Leah Messer anymore when she speaks.

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