10 Things Nicole Arbour Doesn’t Want You To Know

nicole arbour

Nicole Arbour might not be a household name, but she’s also not becoming more famous for anything she’s proud of. She considers herself an actress and choreographer. The former cheerleader spent some time cheering for the Toronto Raptors before she decided that she wanted to become famous. Her idea of becoming famous meant trying to break into the music and movie industry, but neither have quite worked out for her. Sure, she’s had some small parts in bit films that have been all right, but she’s done nothing particularly noteworthy in her time as an actress. Until, of course, she posted a video on YouTube mocking fat people and their way of life.

She calls in a satire designed to offend people and make them laugh, but Nicole Arbour probably is not laughing now. It’s been only a month since she became famous for her brazen video, which was removed from YouTube and then reinstated elsewhere. She’s now the subject of many conversations by some of the world’s most famous people, she’s appeared on talk shows and she’s constantly in the news; but not because she’s the next big thing. She’s the subject of public humiliation for her harsh words.

We have our own opinion on the video. I like to say that one knack I have in life is seeing things from both points of view; and this is no different. I can see what Nicole Arbour means. She means that the world is fat; we have a huge problem with obesity, and much of that is people not taking care of themselves. We live in a world where we sit down and play on our electronic devices and we do not exercise. It’s not good; and she’s right to call out people who aren’t taking care of themselves – they shouldn’t receive special treatment because they choose to do harm to their bodies. She makes a point that not everyone is treating their body poorly, and that her video is not aimed at those people. So, I get it; I see what she’s saying, but I also think she went about it the wrong way. Is the world just too sensitive, or is her video unkind and not funny? We don’t know, and we don’t care; but we do know that with her name being dragged through the mud, there are a few things that Nicole Arbour does not want the world to know.

She was Fired

It turns out that after her video on YouTube calling out fat people for being, well, unhealthy, Nicole Arbour was fired from a movie because it seems that the world doesn’t want to be associated with someone who has an opinion. That’s too bad, because while her delivery might not be the most appropriate way to get the point across; she’s right. Get healthy, take care of yourself; you have one body and you have people that love you and want you around.

YouTube Shut her Down

When Nicole Arbour posted her video, she was taken down by YouTube and shut down for violating the terms of the page. However, it turns out she was not violating anything and she was put back up before too long. Of course she was; it’s not nice to remove people from the internet because they have a personal opinion.

She’s Getting Death Threats

When the world doesn’t agree with what you have to say, it’s the world against you and you for yourself. Nicole Arbour has been receiving death threats and messages that are far worse than telling people that they’re fat, should take care of themselves and actually do something productive. She’s been threatened; and that’s not cool.

She Probably Cares

Sometimes people do care what other people think, and Nicole Arbour probably feels the same way. She might not actually care too much about her fans words and the words of her critics, but she’s claiming she does not care. She did, however, shut down the comments on her video so that people could not comment.

She’s been on YouTube for Seven Years

First, can we even believe we are in a place in life where YouTube has even been around for seven years? It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. It has been, and that’s astounding. Nicole Arbour’s been a regular poster for only the past few years, but she’s been present on the channel for seven years.

She’s a Comedian

This is not something we think that Nicole Arbour doesn’t want people to know, but we do think that she’d prefer that the world did not know she lost the title of Shorty Nominee for Best Comedian to another comedian. Why? Because it means someone else is funnier than she is; and who wants to admit to that?

Her Channel Grew

This might be something that Nicole Arbour does want us to know, and it’s good stuff. She gained more than 30,000 new followers the weekend that she posted her “Dear Fat People,” video, and it’s because people agree with her.

She’s the Kanye West of YouTube

When she was called the Kanye West of YouTube for her post, she actually liked it. We think Nicole Arbour shouldn’t want people to know this one, which is why we’re including it on our list. No one should want to be like Kanye West.  Just saying.

It was all for Attention

Well, of course. Who posts on YouTube at any time without it actually being for attention? Nicole Arbour posted her video for attention, and it worked. She even dropped her next musical single the following day, and people probably downloaded it and did what they had to do because they were curious about the woman who called out fat people.

She’s Getting What she Wants

She’s a choreographer, a former cheerleader and she’s looking for work as an actress. So when she posted this video, she got the attention she wanted. Now she is a household name and a famous face and all she had to do was post a mean video online. It shows that the world really does support people in so many weird and strange ways. The truth is, however, she got what she wanted.

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