10 Things We Can Expect from the Amber Rose Show

Amber Rose

It’s official; the Amber Rose Show has its official premiere date with VH1. That means we all get to see more of the model turned Kanye’s ex turned Wiz Khalifa’s wife turned ex-wife turned baby’s mother. She’s never been one to shy away from speaking what is on her mind, how she is feeling and what she has to think, and that makes us wonder whether or not her new talk show will do well or if it will be the trainwreck I think we might all suspect it will be. Friday night was the night of the premiere, and that means that the world finally got to see what she was like, how she works and what we can expect. We didn’t watch, but we have a few thoughts on what the show might entail once it is on the air and has established itself – provided it’s picked up for a second season.

No Kardashians

We don’t know if she’d invite them onto her show or not, but we know that they will not accept a request to be a guest on the Amber Rose show. The simple truth of the matter is that this is a family that doesn’t want to have their name associated with her own, so we won’t see them on her show anytime in the near future. Or ever, really; and you can count Kanye out of that guest appearance, too.

Blac Chyna

These two are friends, so if you’re going to see anyone from the Kardashian clan on this show, it’ll be her. In fact, we don’t doubt we will see her sooner rather than later so she can discuss her engagement and impending nuptials to Robert Kardashian and the fact that she is currently carrying his baby. She’s got to love that, and it’ll sure make Kris Jenner angry.

Relationship Advice

I don’t know about you, but I think that taking relationship advice from someone whose marriage didn’t work and who is frequently engaged in public battles with her ex and his new wife is a great idea. I’m only half joking; she might not know how to make one last, but she probably has plenty of advice on how to fix mistakes and what no to do in relationships.

No Filter

If there is one thing we have come to expect with Amber Rose, it’s that she has no filter. She is not afraid of speaking her mind and saying whatever she is thinking. Even if it’s not all that appropriate or all that “normal” to speak of in a public setting with complete strangers, she’s going to go there. Hey, it’s what the people want, apparently. No one has any filter anymore and private topics that shouldn’t be shared with the entire world are now shared with the entire world, so get ready for it.

Breaking Information

We’ve learned that all the episodes of her show are scheduled to tape within 24 hours of airing, so most everything she has to talk about will be up-to-date and on time. That’s a nice idea for those who want to know what’s current in the world rather than just talk show type information. She will probably discuss new babies, new marriages, relationships that ended and current events on her show. Do we think she will venture into politics? We have no idea.


Amber Rose is not the kind of woman who doesn’t speak what is on her mind, so we fully expect to see that she will break out and be quite honest with her fans. She might answer some very personal questions about her own life, and there is nothing wrong with that as far as her fans are concerned. They want honesty, and we want to know what they want.

Good Behavior

This is not what people might expect from Amber Rose, but she did reach out to tell the press that she has no intention of burning any bridges or making any enemies with her show. She has friends in the industry and she knows that her connections are important. She knows that she has to make herself heard with the public without actually upsetting people in Hollywood if she ever wants to further her career, so she’s not looking to out any of her Hollywood pals or anything of that nature.

High Ratings

She’s not the most famous person in the world. She has no real career to speak of at this point in time, but people will watch this show. Why? Because she is constantly in the news for being in the news for being associated with the family she is associated with. It’s an interesting concept, and she seems to have an idea that it will make her even more famous.

Dr. Phil

So, did you know that the show Amber Rose is hosting is actually produced by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Jay? Well, it is, and that might come as a huge shock to some of you. However, we have our suspicions that being the producer of the show means he will get to become a guest whenever he wants, and we can expect some serious Dr. Phil-like advice from time to time as a result of his influence and power on the show. How does that sound? Just when we thought we might not have to hear much from him in the near future, he’s back and with an even bigger platform during late night.

We Just Don’t Know

To be quite honest, we just don’t know what to expect from this show. To be frank, we feel that Amber Rose is a wild card. She’s always speaking what’s on her mind. However, she’s also someone who is savvy and very likely to tone it down big time to keep her job and to change the perception that the world has of her. It seems like she’s going to surprise us all, so we are going into this show without any expectations of what it might mean.

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