10 Things You Didn’t Know about B.J. Britt

BJ Britt

If you love Agents of Shield, chances are good you also love actor B.J. Britt. He’s magnificent, handsome and he’s good at his role. He’s also got an opinion and a new job that makes him stand out a bit in the world of acting. You see, he’s playing the bachelor in “UnREAL,” and he’s showing us that the world has never seen a minority bachelor or a minority bachelor winner. Now he gets to be the first African-American kind-of bachelor and he is feeling pretty good about that. Surprisingly, despite the fact that he is mocking the show with his new role, he likes The Bachelor franchise (it’s amazingly entertaining and we have to give ABC props for finding so many creative ways to list people as unemployed – entrepreneur, lives with parents, nature-lover…).

Either way, we love B.J. Britt and we thought that since he is so much in our lives these days, we might go ahead and get to know a bit more about the man behind the newest bachelor on television. I mean, he’s handsome and he comes across as well-spoken and intelligent, so we’d love to know more about the man. Is he really single, is one of the things we will get to.

His first job was pretty cool

When B.J. Britt decided he wanted to pursue a career in acting, he went to some auditions. Some were not as successful as others, but it turns out that his first role was a pretty cool one. Many people are huge fans of Veronica Mars, and he got the distinct pleasure of being one of the guest stars on the show when it was live on television.

He’s not a stranger to television

Even though we know him most for his role on S.H.I.E.L.D, we also know that he has some other amazing recurring roles on television. He’s not just a guest star or a one hit wonder. He’s a man with a plan and he’s got some serious skills in the works doing what he does. He’s been on shows such as One Tree Hill, Being Mary Jane and Everybody Hates Chris in roles that are recurring. That’s a pretty good gig for an actor who hadn’t yet had time to become famous.

He didn’t want to leave Marvel

He loves the way that his character was taken out when he left during the winter finale, but B.J. Britt did not want to actually leave this show behind. He wanted to stick around. However, he did say that if he had to go, at least it was this way which was so perfect for the character.

He was upset to go

One thing that Britt says is that he was told on the show that anytime your character is going to die, they will not make you find out sitting around the table read with the rest of the cast and the people behind the scenes. When he was called up to the studio and saw that everyone was in the office, he knew he was dying and he wanted to know how to go. He describes the moment as heartbreaking.

He was fond of his cast mates

Many people who play a major role on television with so many other actors don’t really get along with everyone on the set. Even our favorite shows sometimes has tension on the set when characters don’t like one another, and they have to pretend for the cameras. B.J. Britt states he didn’t have that with his former cast; he loved them all.

He likes his UnREAl character

He plays a former NFL star turned bachelor on the new show, and he loves it. His character is cocky and confident and he is a ladies man who is loving every single second of finding love with 26 women. He did say that if he had to do it in real life, however, he’d be miserable because there is so much pressure to just learn names and remember who is who and spend time with that many women at once.

His new role means more work outs

When he was cast as Darius, he felt that he was in a good place since he works out regularly. However, he was shocked when the show told him he needed to hit the gym a bit more. He’d just left a great workout when he got the role and then they told him that his body needed to be even better. He was a little shocked, but he is now in a great place and he appreciates that.

Television makes his ego feel little

Every so often when his ego gets a little out of hand when his fans love him so much and when he does something amazing, B.J. Britt feels that he needs a little reality check. Fortunately for him, television is a reality check. Just when he thinks he looks good or feels good someone tells him he needs to do better or look better or be better. He never has time to get too comfortable or cocky in his own life – and that is a good thing.

He was shocked reality television isn’t such reality

When he was first cast for this role on television, he was surprised to find out that there is very little reality in reality television. In fact, he was shocked to know that many of the ‘real’ locations that are used for filming are actually sets that the producers build. He was shocked that the contestants on the show are actually set up to do certain things and have some things done for them. He just didn’t know; but then, he wasn’t a reality television fan before.

He’s single

People have been wondering if B.J. Britt is single, and we have the answer. He is, for all intents and purposes, a single man without a lady love in his life. How’s that for a happy Tuesday morning, folks?

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