10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katrina Pierson

katrina pierson

Katrina Pierson is quickly becoming a household name. She works as a spokesperson for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, and she’s someone who really loves her job. She is happy with it, and many people claim that she and Trump are a match made in Heaven since they seem to have the same feelings, opinions and they both say things without actually checking to see if they are true or not. She says what she wants, and he says what he wants. She’s been in the news more often than not these days thanks to the fact that she cannot seem to keep her opinions to herself, and the world wants to get to know her a bit better. We thought we would go ahead and tell you a few things about Katrina Pierson that you might not already know about the Republican spokeswoman.

She’s of mixed race

Katrina Pierson’s skin tone is undeniably beautiful, and she has her white mother and her black father to thank for that. Growing up half black and half white was not always easy for the 40-year-old, as you can imagine that it was a different time back then and not as many people were accepting of mixed race relationships and children. She still faces opposition because of her race at times, but it’s far less today than it was growing up as it is far more common.

Her mother gave her up for adoption

When she was only 15, the mother of Katrina Pierson gave birth. She was a young teenager and she did not have the means to care for her young daughter. She gave her up for adoption for a time, but she then changed her mind and managed to get her daughter back. We are unsure how she managed to do that, but she did. Katrina lived with her mother as a child and they lived in exceptional poverty.

She’s got a criminal background

Sometimes people make mistakes and they learn from them. Katrina Pierson seems to be the kind of person who has taken her life and turned it around in the best manner; going from being a 20-year-old shoplifter to being a spokesperson for the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. We do admire that she doesn’t try to hide her background, rather she owns it and has said that she has made a change in her life.

She speaks and then thinks

It seems that Katrina Pierson is not someone who always thinks and then speaks. Instead, it seems that she is the kind of woman who can say things and not really consider what they sound like until she’s already spoken them. She’s claimed that Hilary Clinton has a rare brain disease, for one, and she continues to say things like that out of some context we are unsure of.

She’s been on welfare

Her mother used welfare when she was raising her daughter, and she used it, too, when she had her own child. She has said that she is not for the program, and that she believes that it enables too many people to give up and rely on that help rather than pulling themselves up from their own personal hell and making a better life for themselves. We have to say we agree with that one. Let’s stop the enabling.

She voted for Obama

Of course she did; so many people did that he was made president despite the fact that the rest of us said it was a bad idea. Either way, we respect the man because he is our president and that’s called etiquette. She said honestly she voted for him because he was a black man and she wanted to see something as cool as having a black president for the first time, but that she disagrees with pretty much everything he believes in.

She’s been involved in politics since 2001

It was the horrible events of 9/11 that made Katrina Pierson decide she wanted to get into politics. She was sure that she remembers thinking that bad things like that don’t happen here, and that she needed to become more involved with the political world so that she could do what she needed to do to help. She’s unhappy with the state of the country, and she wants to do something about it. That is when she made the decision to go ahead and become a tea party activist, though she wasn’t much of a Republican until she met Sarah Palin.

She ran for Congress

During the 2014 congressional election in Texas, Katrina Pierson made a decision to run for Congress against the man who already held the seat. Unfortunately, she was unable to secure enough financing to really run well, and she was not someone who was able to make her name very well known. She was really beaten quite badly and she did not make it into congress. That’s when she decided to go back to the world of being a tea party activist.

She’s not married

Katrina Pierson is not married, but she was. When she was very young, she was married for 3 months. She had a little boy when she was married, and she and her son live in Texas. There is no word how old she was when she gave birth other than that she was young and that her son was born of a short marriage.

She thinks Trump is a good transition

She supported Ted Cruz initially, but she ended up leaving his campaign to work for Donald Trump. She stated that she doesn’t think that anyone would ever tell him no, and that he was the best person for the job when she sat down and thought about it. She’d still like to see Ted Cruz as president one day, but she thinks that Donald Trump is the best transition out of the current office, and that is why she supports him in so many ways.

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