10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek might not be one of the main cast members on the Real Housewives of Orange County anymore, but that doesn’t mean we see any less of her. The reality star, who was once the new girl on the show, wasn’t invited back as a main character but she was invited back to star alongside her new friends as a recurring cast member on the most recent season of the hit show. She was there when Tamra Judge was Baptized, she saw firsthand how Brooks Ayers allegedly faked his cancer diagnosis while simultaneously dragging Vicki Gunvalson’s name through the mud, and she’s become sort of a voice of reason. We’ll call her Switzerland as she seems to be quite neutral all the time; probably because she was once the woman some of the other ‘older’ wives ganged up on. Now that she’s back and we love seeing her, we thought it might be fun to get to know a little more about Lizzie Rovsek. Here are a few things you might not have known about the former beauty queen and southern belle.

She’s Not Into the Drama

If there is one thing that Lizzie Rovsek should be quite proud of, it’s the fact that she maintains her integrity at all times. A woman who doesn’t have to shout to the world she’s not into drama, her lack of involvement in the drama on reality television speaks loudly. As they say, actions do speak louder than words, and this is one reality star who manages to always have a peaceful word and a way out.

She’s a Southern Belle

A Kentucky girl at heart, Lizzie Rovsek might not look like your typical southern belle with her exotic beauty, but that’s just what she is. She not only grew up in the south, she attended college here and even represented her state after she grew up. She continues to show off her southern charm on reality television, and it makes the rest of us southerners proud to see such a class act on a show that typically doesn’t offer much of that.

She’s a Beauty Queen

Back in 1998, Lizzie Rovsek was crowned Miss Kentucky. She went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant representing her home state, though she did not win. She loves pageants and she advocates for them, as well as contestants today. It comes as no surprise that she would take to social media to state how sorry she felt for the girls in the recent Miss Universe pageant after host and comedian Steve Harvey accidentally crowned the wrong winner. Additionally, we give him credit for apologizing and taking responsibility for his own actions when he made his mistake.

She Dated Nick Lachey

Back in the day before she was a married lady, Lizzie Rovsek dated a very famous face. Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband was once her boyfriend, and it all makes sense. Being that she is from Kentucky and he is from Ohio, they grew up not too far apart so chances are good that they’d run into one another in their own stomping grounds. She doesn’t discuss their previous relationship, however, and that’s very respectful of her.

She’s Smart

Not only is Lizzie Rovsek smart enough to stay out of other people’s issues on reality television, she’s also just an intelligent woman. She was the valedictorian of her graduating class, and that’s something she’s proud of. It’s proof that you can be both beautiful and smart at the same time – something beauty queens are often accused of being anything but.

She’s a Designer

Lizzie Rovsek makes her money doing something quite useful with her time. She designs a line of swimwear that she calls Sun Kitten Swimwear. She loves to portray the basics in her collection, and she’s a huge believer that little black swimsuits are the best. She designs and creates her line right here in the USA and uses only locals to work on her products, so you never have to worry that she’s uses sweat shops and outsourcing her work to other countries.

She has a Significant Net Worth

We aren’t sure where she acquired her net worth, but Lizzie Rovsek is worth an estimated $25 million. Her husband is a very successful real estate developer and she has a successful swimsuit line, so we imagine that the vast majority of her net worth comes from those endeavors. Either way, she loves that her financial situation allows her to be home with her little boys at all times, and that’s very near and dear to her heart.

Her Family is Quite Charitable

Lizzie Rovsek and her husband, Christian, are very close. And by close, we mean that they are pretty amazing both in their personal relationship as well as their charitable life. Christian has a very successful real estate development career, but he also is the VP of Development for a southern California charity that benefits military families currently struggling. Lizzie also assists her husband in this endeavor in addition to supporting a number of charities of her own choosing.

It was Her Decision Not to Return to RHOC as a Main Character

When she was introduced as a main character in the 9th season of the RHOC, Lizzie Rovsek was ridden hard. Some of the other wives were a bit mean to her, as they tend to be when a new, younger wife with a handsome husband and a beautiful life comes into the picture. As a result, she chose not to come back as a main character this season, agreeing to come back as a recurring wife. She’s in a much better place with the wives this season, though she still stays out of their issues.

She Was Not Invited to the Reunion Show

Lizzie Rovsek wishes she was invited to the season 10 taping of the RHOC reunion show, but she was not. She said this was not her decision, but that she would have loved to have been there to stick up for Vicki Gunvalson, even though we suspect she finds Brooks’ stories just as much a fabrication as the rest of the wives. However, she’s a good friend and she’s supportive rather than investigative of what her friends tell her.

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