10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Mudarris

nikki mudarris

She’d much rather go by Nikki Baby than her given name, Nikki Mudarris, and she’s not afraid to make sure we all know that. She’s the Love & Hip Hop star from Hollywood, and she is one of the most memorable women to ever grace the show. She’s got the biggest personality, the best confidence and she’s not afraid of what we know about her. She doesn’t feel she has any skeletons in her closet. We love that she owns every single thing she’s done in her life, and that she is not ashamed of anything even when it might not have been the most amazing decision. That takes serious confidence, and you cannot help but admire a woman with that much self-assurance and self-respect. The only problem is that we don’t actually know that much about her – only that she doesn’t have much patience for many people.

She’s comfortable

She might not be a millionaire, but Nikki Mudarris is working her way to that. She’s got an estimated net worth at this time of $800 thousand. She’s been working as a model, a reality television star and so much more, and she’s been able to amass a pretty decent net worth for herself. Of course, that’s not good enough for her, so she’s still working on achieving her dreams and becoming the wealthy superstar she knows that she is. If you ask her, she will tell you she is a boss with a big future.

She’s smart

So many people feel that Nikki Mudarris might not be that smart, but she’s a lot more intelligent that most people like to think. For instance, she’s managed to get where she is in life without much of an issue, hasn’t she? She’s also a college graduate. She attended the University of Southern California. She has a bachelor’s degree in business. How’s that for being a go-getter and an intelligent woman?

She’s a Spanish speaker

We aren’t entirely sure where she became a fluent Spanish speaker, but she is. We know she’s from numerous nationalities, but none of them are Spanish. We assume she had to learn as a child, but she’s never really mentioned how or when she became bilingual. We are just impressed by it because she is such an intelligent woman. It shouldn’t surprise us that she is intelligent, either; yet it absolutely does on a regular basis.

She was a model

When she was a little bit younger and looking to make a name for herself in Hollywood, Nikki Mudarris was a model. She tried her hand at walking runways and posing for editorials, and she had a bit of success when she was doing it. She had enough success to make a pretty nice living working as a model, and her life seems to have improved greatly since she got her start working as a model on an occasional basis.

Modeling helped her make friends

When she did work as a model, Nikki Baby was able to make friends with some famous faces. In fact, she’s good friends with Angel Brinks, one of the stars of the show Basketball Wives LA and her history in design. The two remain good friends, and they have maintained their friendship throughout the years. In fact, Nikki Baby often wears her friend’s designs on the red carpet and to reunion shows.

She’s got a famous ex

We don’t see her with anyone but Mally Mall these days (or do we? It’s so hard to keep up) but it turns out that Nikki Baby actually spent three years dating a famous basketball player in Atlanta. She and Austin Daye were serious for a long time, but they ended their relationship for reasons that we are not entirely sure of.

She and Masika Kalysha had issues long ago

We see them as they continue to dislike one another on their reality show, and many people are a little confused about what it is that they dislike about one another all the time. We seem to have forgotten how it all started, or so we thought. It turns out that we never really knew the entire story. When Nikki Baby was dating Austin Day from the Atlanta Hawkes, Masika was into him and tried her hardest to see if she could get him to pay a bit of attention to her; we can safely say that Nikki Baby did not take kindly to that kind of thing.

She’s not any one nationality

If you’ve ever wondered how she looks so good – aside from her massive plastic surgery, that is – then you might want to ask Nikki Mudarris’ parents. Her mother is Moroccan, which is probably where she gets her amazing features. Her father is Italian and Arabic, which is where she gets her amazing skin tone. She might not be any one nationality, but she seems to have hit the gorgeous jackpot in terms of all her parents’ best features.

Her family has a strip club

Did you know that Nikki Mudarris had a nice childhood? She had one because her family owns one of the most famous strip clubs in the country. It’s called The Body Shop, and it’s one of the most famous because it’s good – whatever that means in the world of strippers and burlesque clubs. She grew up in a world that most families would not want their kids in, but she turned out all right and never turned to stripping to make a name for herself.

She knows Courtney Love

One of the most interesting things about Nikki Mudarris and her family is that they are the people who gave the famous rocker Courtney Love her start. They hired her to perform at their strip club many, many years ago before she was a famous name. She sang there, she was able to book bigger jobs from that, and before they knew it she was a star in her own right. How’s that for interesting conversation when you’re talking about your childhood?

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