10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ricky Norwood

ricky norwood

Ricky Norwood is a name that is more famous in the UK than it is in America, but that certainly does not mean we don’t know anything about him. Sure, he’s more famous across the pond, but we can read and we do have access to the news. What that means is that we probably all remember back in 2014 when he was suspended from the hit show on which he starred after the internet went buzzing over a video someone released of him completely nude and enjoying a little marijuana. He was one of the stars of a show called “EastEnders,” and they decided they had to do something to make an example of him.

After his suspension was lifted, the show allowed him to come back. There was some question for some time that he would not be allowed to come back onto the show after that, but he was; and it all went well. He made the decision to leave on his own, though, and his reputation in the UK has suffered endlessly for the past two years. He made the decision to appear on his local “Big Brother” franchise this year in hopes that he could show his real personality to the world. The word on the street is that he thought that by allowing the world to get to know him up close and personal, they’d forget about what he did a few years ago and get to know him for who he is. Now he’s a finalist, and the world is going crazy. Let’s get to know him a bit better and see if we really do like him more as a person than his reputation might allow us to believe.

He wants people to see him for who he is

Ricky Norwood is tired of people seeing him for what they believe he is. He knows that one story, one report and one article about him can change the way a person perceives him very quickly, and he wants to let people see for themselves who he is and what he’s doing with his life.

He doesn’t trust people anymore

When he made that video with a friend, he trusted that it would be one that was kept private. He knows now that he cannot trust anyone in his life, and that he will never make that mistake again. We hate to hear that, but we do understand it. When someone hurts you, it is very easy to lose trust in everyone. It’s just how it works; and it’s easy for one person to ruin it for everyone else.

He’s still young

He was born in 1988, which means he’s not even 30 yet. Being that he is still young, a lot of people are able to forgive him for what they saw him doing on the internet. After all, many people believe that your 20s are about learning who you are and making sure you are able to grow and learn from your mistakes.

He’s wanted to act forever

He was only 12 when he began attending schools that focus on the performing arts. His parents sent him to the Theatre Royal Stratford East School in the UK so that he could learn more about performing, more about how to make his dreams come true. It wasn’t the only performing arts school he chose to attend, either. He’s made a career of his education and his acting.

He’s suffered from depression

It wasn’t the fact that he was naked on camera or that he was smoking in the video that surfaced of him in 2014; it was the fact that it was a sex tape that also made it worse. When the tape was released to the public, Ricky Norwood was devastated. He didn’t think anyone would ever see it, and he spiraled into a dark place so far down the hole that he’s suffering from depression from it. It was not an easy time in his life, and he is determined to come back from it.

He didn’t lose his old friends

Many times when a person becomes wealthy and famous, they forget about the people they knew before. Not Ricky Norwood; he still loves the same friends he’s had his entire life, and they all spend a lot of time together. He is close to 30 now, but he still maintains friendships with the people he called his friends when he was just a young boy.

Opening up was not easy for him

Following the scandal that rocked his career and changed his life, Ricky Norwood had to open up about it and be honest with his friends and family. He was scared to do it, and it was not easy for him. Now he is someone who has a difficult time opening up when the time is right. He’s become very quiet and spends most of his time to himself.

He’s a nice guy

When you ask his friends what they think of Ricky Norwood, they call him a nice guy. They maintain that fame has not changed him, and that he has not become someone he is not just because he is famous. It is nice to hear that he has not allowed his fame to change him, and we know that he probably won’t let it this far into his career.

He almost quit “Celebrity Big Brother”

When he was part of the reality show, he didn’t make it too far before he was ready to call it quits. He didn’t like living with other people he wasn’t sure he could trust. He decided that he wasn’t sure he could handle the stress and he thought about going home. Then he remembered that he is not a quitter, and he would stay put. He ended up being second place.

He likes to keep his group

Ricky Norwood’s life has changed drastically since his scandal a few years back, and now he likes to keep his friends close. He has a small group of people he calls his good friends, and he prefers to keep it that way. It probably has everything to do with the fact that he doesn’t feel he can trust too many people after what happened to him.

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