10 Things You Didn’t Know about Skinny Lister

skinny lister

British folk band fans, you know you love Skinny Lister. This is one band that has been making headlines for the better part of the past decade, and for good reason. The band made their break into the music industry back in 2009, and the people of London and surrounding countries have fallen in love. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s all right. Their fame comes mostly from the fact that they are based in London and stick to that part of the world. Additionally, British folk music has a very particular audience, and it’s not usually the same people who prefer Kanye West and Beyonce. However, this is one talented group, and always one worth getting to know a bit better.

They were a five-member band at first

When the band was first created back in 2009, they had five people. They were a group of people who were friends through meetings at clubs and different music venues from years past. They spent a lot of time together working with their music, and they finally made the decision to get serious about their music and make an album and see if they could gain some followers, some fame and a career out of their folk music. It worked for them, as they have had moderate success since beginning their careers in the London music scene. Back in 2013, the group added a sixth member when they felt that their music was missing a classic piece; a drummer.

They’re missing original members

Over the years, the band has changed faces more than once. Some of the original members left the band over the years. Some of them came back after their departure. Some of them were simply replaced by other new band members. Skinny Lister is not comprised today of the same people that made up the band so many years ago, but they make it work and most of their fans are not even aware that the members of the band are not all original members.

The band name is a nickname

When coming up with a name for their folk band, Skinny Lister was chosen. It might seem to be a very interesting choice, and that’s because it is. So many people wonder where the name came from, and we have the answer for you. it came from a nickname of a student in school with one of the band members. It was not his nickname, but it was the nickname he always remembered a classmate having. It stuck with him and they chose to use it as their band’s name.

They broke a record in 2011

Their second year as a band was a bit one for Skinny Lister. They broke a record in the United Kingdom by playing at more music festivals and other festivals than any other band in the country. That’s when the band was given the title of the hardest-working band in the industry at that point. They are quite proud of their accomplishments, too. They work hard, and they are appreciative of having their efforts noted and recognized.

They’ve toured

Skinny Lister is not just a folk band that plays at festivals across their native country. They’ve been to different countries on tour, including the United States. It has been a few years, but it was a big deal to the band and its members. They worked hard to be able to make it happen, and to chase their dreams, and they accomplished a US tour after they’d been together for a few years. Their hope is that they can do it again at some point in time.

They have skinny sisters

It’s not really official, and we’re not talking about the band member’s actual sisters. I mean, we could be; we don’t know if they have sisters or whether or not they are skinny. However, there is a group of four to five women, depending on the date, that tour with the band and wear matching dresses. They are backup dancers. They don’t use any particular sort of choreography. They just sort of float around the stage spinning and dancing as they see fit, and they love to head out into the audience and dance with the people in the audience.

They’re back in the states

Skinny Lister is making their dreams come true once again by returning to the United States for another tour. They’ve got dates in the states in both 2016 and 2017, and they’re finally feeling as if they have made it big in their own particular genre, which is not always an easy accomplishment.

Their fans really love them

Just because you have never heard of the band does not mean that they are not super famous in the world of British folk music. Their fans love them, and those who are unable to make it to their shows are beyond devastated by that simple fact. Their twitter feed is filled with retweets from fans who desperately want to see them perform and meet them, but are unable to do so much to their own dismay.

They love their fans dancing

If there is one thing that the people of Skinny Lister want their fans to do, it’s dance to their music. They want their fans to come to their shows and get down in the crowd. They want their music to inspire them, to make them feel good and to make them get moving. They love it; it’s their favorite.

They push the envelope

When you think of folk music, you might think that it’s not your thing. You might think it’s a bit on the slow side, the quiet side and the uninteresting side. However, Skinny Lister doesn’t want to take any part in that. The band is known for having an almost punk rock feel to their music. It’s a bit louder, a bit more upbeat and slightly unexpected when you hear it for the first time. It’s good.

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