The 15 Highest Paid Movie Stars of 2014

Actors and actresses earn a lot of money for their craft. The world’s biggest movie actors are paid millions of dollars for each role, racking up several a year in most instances. This means a major payday, and that doesn’t even include the fact that they earn money from other business ventures, as well. If you’re curious as to which Hollywood actors and actresses are the best paid in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. We have a list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and actresses of 2014. Read on to find out who tops this impressive list.

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Angelina Jolie – $18 million

She topped the list of highest paid actresses in 2013, but this year she drops significantly. In terms of highest paid females in Hollywood, she’s at number five. On the list of highest paid actors and actresses combined, she’s at number 15. Her biggest payday in the past year came from her role as Maleficent in the hit movie that starred her as Sleeping Beauty’s evil stepmother. The movie was one of the biggest of the year, and she played the part of the queen like a professional. It’s easy to see why she earns so much.

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Gwyneth Paltrow – $19 million

She didn’t have much of a busy year this year, but the consciously uncoupled actress has earned a lot of money taking some time off in 2014. Of course, she wasn’t completely without work. She has some charitable endeavors she takes part in, and she has two children and she’s been working on her off marriage. However, she did have a little role in a little movie called “Iron Man 3” which is just one of those films that pays a lot. Probably because it’s one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, so she did all right.

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Jennifer Aniston – $20 million

She made $1 million per episode during the last season of FRIENDS more than a decade ago, and she’s still one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. What’s interesting about Aniston, however, is that she’s been on the list of highest paid movie actresses and television actresses more than once, which just speaks volumes about her success in the industry. This year she earned an estimated $20 million for her role in “We’re the Millers,” but that’s not all. She has some skincare contracts that earn her big bucks as well.

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Mark Wahlberg – $32 million

He didn’t really earn as much this year as his did in past years. In fact, his income dropped $20 million this year. However, he didn’t work on anything particularly exciting during the past year. He’s still making a lot of money from the 2012 hit, “Ted,” and he did have a movie about a Navy Seal that came out this year, but it only grossed $150 million across the world, so it didn’t offer him a significant payday. He’s likely to top the list again next year, however, as he’s currently working on a sequel to, “Ted”.

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Will Smith – $32 million

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Will Smith, it’s a good question. He’s usually in a few major films every year, but this year he’s been kind of on the sidelines not really starring in anything with a big budget. He did one film that didn’t do so well in the box office, but he’s also producing a remake of the movie “Annie” alongside rap superstar Jay-Z, which is going to be released in December. He’s making some money off of that, leaving him in his place as one of the highest paid actors in the world.

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Jennifer Lawrence – $34 million

It’s amazing to some that all she made in 2014 is $34 million. She’s the star of the biggest movie franchise in the world at the moment, “The Hunger Games,” which is making a lot of money from the first two movies. The third is slated for fall release in theaters. She’s one of the most in-demand actresses at the moment. Being an Academy Award winner and nominee again this year makes her even more popular. Her role as Katniss in the Games launched her into stardom.

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Christian Bale – $35 million

He’s been in some seriously big movies the past few years, and it’s repeatedly put him on this list. This year he’s on the list for his role in the hit movie, “American Hustle.” The movie was nominated for several Oscars this year. He’s also been starring as Batman in the past few years in the Dark Knight franchise. This means a big payday for the actor, which puts him near the top of the highest paid Hollywood actors for the year. As he continues to star in blockbuster films, he’ll only make more money.

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Ben Affleck – $35 million

He’s the newest actor in a string of famous Batman’s. Fans are not too happy about his casting as the super hero, but that doesn’t mean anything for Affleck’s bank account. The actor is one of the highest paid in Hollywood, and a lot of that has to do with his role as Batman. However, Affleck also produces and directs, so he has money coming in from those aspects of her career as well. He’ll likely stay on the list of highest paid actors in Hollywood for a while because of his popularity and schedule.

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Liam Neeson – $36 million

He’s one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood because of his sheer genius playing an action hero. He’s currently working on a film by the name of “Taken 3” which is another sequel to the hit film. He’s going to rake in even more money next year when this movie hits theaters. However, he’s still one of the highest paid actors because of his success and his ability to pick and choose roles that are perfect for him. One thing you will never see Neeson do is choose a role just because it looks like it could be big.

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Chris Hemsworth – $37 million

The actor has made it his business to become a major Hollywood success. He’s most famous for his role as Thor. Being a Marvel superhero means making big bucks, and that’s always a good thing for Hollywood actors and their careers. At the moment, he’s working on something a little different that’s going to be released next year. It’s a cyber thriller by the name of “Cyber” that’s set to hit theaters in 2015. The movie is a big change from his normal role, and he’s taking it on with expertise.

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Leonardo DiCaprio – $39 million

What isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio starring in these days? The Wolf of Wall Street made big bucks from his role as the Wolf, and he’s raking in the fame and fortune that comes along with being part of a movie that was this big and this popular. He was nominated for an Oscar, his movie was nominated for several, and his co-stars were nominated. It was a big deal movie, and he made a lot of money from it. DiCaprio always manages to make a lot of money and a lot of smart choices when it comes to choosing roles, however, so it’s not surprising.

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Bradley Cooper – $46 million

His Oscar nominated performance in a little movie by the name of “American Hustle” helped launch Cooper into his role as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. There’s also another movie series in which he’s been a big part of called “The Hangover.” Both have helped cement his career as one of the most famous and in-demand actors in Hollywood. They’ve also helped him earn a lot of money, which is why he’s one of the highest paid actors of the year, and will likely stay on this list next year.

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Sandra Bullock – $51 million

She’s one of the most famous, most-loved, and highest paid actors in Hollywood. In fact, she’s the highest paid actress in the industry. She’s still making a killing from her role in Gravity, which was a blockbuster hit. The actress has had a long career in which she’s always been paid well. Her popularity never wanes, which is what people love about her. She’s going to stay close to the top of this list for years to come because she’s a genius when it comes to choosing roles that are perfect for her (The Blind Side, anyone?).

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $52 million

It never fails to amaze people that the actor who got his start in the business by beating people up is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. However, he manages to choose roles that are guaranteed blockbuster hits, which almost guarantees a big payday for the actor. In 2014, he made a lot of money for his role in “Fast and the Furious” as well as his role in “Hercules”. He’ll continue to make money from these movies for some time, but he has others in the works.

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Robert Downey Jr. – $75 million

Though he’s only had one film in theaters in the past year, and it wasn’t a Marvel comic superhero movie, he’s still the highest paid actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row. The reason is that he’s Iron Man. He’s been in several hit Iron Man movies and The Avengers. He’s like a Hollywood Cinderella story. He went from being someone who spent more time in rehab than at home to getting clean and becoming the highest paid, most sought-after actor in all of Hollywood. It’s a nice story when you thinka about it. He literally came out on top.

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