Who Are the Contestants for Big Brother 18?

Big Brother

This season on Big Brother, you can expect the same old drama that you saw in the past. These men and women are an interesting mix of people who are going to live and play together for the time being, and they are not going to hold back. Former contestants in the house Vanessa Rousso and Cody Calafiore aren’t coming back, but they are sending their siblings. The cast has been announced, the show is about to air and we thought you might want to know who it is that is competing this season on the show before it airs. We think it’ll be a good season.


Tiffany Rousso

She’s no stranger to the house having had a sister here before. She’s 32, and much older than most everyone in the house. She is a high school teacher from West Palm Beach, and she is a huge fan of basketball and any other sport she can play or watch. She wants to win, and she’s been taking notes from other returning houseguests on what not to do.


Natalie Negrotti

From South America, this 26-year-old event coordinator is not looking forward to living with men. She has never had a man in her house other than just for a short visit, not even her father. She’s currently in Franklin Park, New Jersey, and she describes herself as beautiful. She might get along with a few of the other people in the house who also describe themselves as sexy and other interesting adjectives.


Michelle Meyer

From Washington Township, MI, she is only 23. She’s one of the youngest people in the house, and she is a nutritionist. With all the drinking and poor health that goes on around here, we estimate she will be far outside her comfort zone. She’s very quirky and she’s perky, and she really loves to read and cook. She also loves eBay and photography.


Bridgette Dunning

She’s only 24, and she’s from California. As a traveling nurse, she gets to do what she loves to do while seeing new places and meeting new people, which is just fine with her. When asked to describe herself, she states she’s energetic, optimistic and she is awesome. It’s hard to dislike someone who tells you from the start that she is awesome.


Bronte D’Acquisto

She’s 26-years-old from San Diego, but she lives in Denver. She is a strong woman who finds herself to be quite capable and very friendly, but she’s not someone to mess with. She loves math, and she excels in her academics. She also loves to run, she is someone who loves dogs and shopping is one of her favorite things to do. She has an obsession with hair accessories, too.


Glenn Garcia

What’s interesting about Glenn is that he’s 50 – pretty much double the age of everyone else in the house. He’s from the Bronx, and he works as a dog groomer. A former police detective, we think that he might be someone who isn’t all that interested in playing games, which is why we love that he is on this show that focuses solely on the game. He’s a father with a little girl, and he also loves to travel.


Paulie Calafiore

At 27, he’s older than some of the other men and women in the house. He’s a New Jersey boy who works as a DJ. His favorite things to do are playing the guitar, work out and work. He’s loving his life the way that it is right now, but he is always up for a new adventure and that’s why he’s in the house and working on meeting new people and making new friends.


Corey Brooks

The Dallas native is 25, and he loves baseball. His job is actually baseball coach, and he loves to travel. He says his favorite thing to do is hike, play sports and meet new people. He’s a friendly guy with a lovable personality, or so he says, and he is looking forward to meeting new people. However, he is not looking forward to being away from his friends and family.


Jozea Flores

He is a make-up artist in Los Angeles, and he’s 25. He considers himself quite humorous, and he loves to do create anything that is aesthetically appealing. He loves to practice yoga, but he’s not afraid of a good hike, either. He really is not looking forward to sharing a bathroom, but he has no problem with the idea of having roommates for a while.


Victor Arroyo

At just 25, he’s still young. He lives in Louisiana and works as a gym manager, so he’s in killer shape. We think he might have a bit of an ego problem based on the fact that he uses “smart, sexy and fit,” as the three adjectives he would use to describe himself. He loves to play sports, work out and vacation. He is a self-proclaimed ladies man who is never happy with the woman he has and is always looking for more.


Zakiyah Everette

This 24-year-old southern belle is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s ambitious and she’s charming, so she says, and she works as a preschool teacher. She loves kids, having fun and she loves her mother. She loves to dance and cook, and she’s someone who really enjoys being creative when she has the opportunity.


Paul Abrahamian

He’s 23 and he’s from Tarzana, California. He is a clothing designer with a love of being energetic and spontaneous. He is into music, making it and singing it, and he loves to travel and hike. He’s an active person with a love of the outdoors and of music, and he is looking for a good time living in the house with his future friends.

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