Caleb Brush: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Caleb Brush

If you are not familiar with Caleb Brush, he is one of the cast members on the reality show, Sister Wives. The show gives viewers a chance to follow a polygamist family. Kody Brown is the man of the house, and he lives with his four wives and their 18 children. After the show first premiered, the family was investigated to see if Kody was breaking the law by being married to more than one woman. The investigation found that Kody was not breaking any laws because he is only legally married to one woman. The other three unions are purely spiritual. Kody has a daughter with one of his wives Janelle, and her name is Madison and he is married to Caleb Brush. If you want to know more about Caleb and how he fits into this controversial and unconventional family, read on.

Caleb and Madison’s Engagement

On June 4, 2016, Caleb and Madison were married. Madison is just 19 years old, and Caleb is 28 years old. In most families, this type of union would not be supported. In this family, however, the couple has the blessing of their family. Caleb asked Kody for Madison’s hand in marriage, and Madison’s mother and the other sister wives all tweeted their support for the couple’s marriage. Because the couple loves the outdoors, Caleb took Madison out on an ATV outing and he popped the question. They bad an engagement photo shoot which took place outdoors and there were some adorable rabbits in some of the shots.

Caleb and Madison’s Wedding

Caleb and Madison’s wedding took place in Montana. It was an outdoor ceremony, and her whole family was there to celebrate the big day. Madison wore a beautiful strapless dress and Caleb wore khakis. He says that his decision not to wear a tux was because he wanted to dance well at his wedding. There were 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen in the wedding. Madison’s father, Kody officiated the ceremony.

Caleb Wants Just One Wife

According to Caleb, even though he supports his wife’s family’s polygamous lifestyle, he intends to be married to Madison only. He doesn’t intend to bring any other women into the home to marry legally or physically. He believes in one man, one woman, and Madison feels the same way. She also doesn’t want to follow in her family’s polygamous footsteps.

The Couple Lives in Montana

Madison’s family is originally from Lehi, Utah and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. Even though Madison’s large family resides in Las Vegas, she and Caleb are going to be living in Bozeman, Montana. According to Caleb, it will be a great place to share their lives together and to start a family. Madison who was going to college in Utah says that she has no plan to return to college now, however, there is a chance that she will finish her education in Montana after the baby gets a bit older.

Caleb is Going to Be a Father

On November 22, 2016, Caleb and Madison announced that they were expecting their first child. According to reports, the baby is due in May. When asked who was going to be the stricter parent, both Caleb and Madison agreed that it would likely be Madison. Caleb told People Magazine that he is the softer of the two and discipline may not be his strongest suit. He says that the job will go to Madison as a default. When asked if he wanted a large family like the one his wife grew up with, he said that he would see how being a father to their first child goes before making any other plans regarding children.

Caleb is Related to His Bride

Polygamy is one thing, but marrying a relative is another. Caleb Brush is married to Madison, who happens to be related to her, sort of. Madison’s father, Kody Brown had a brother named Curtis Brown. In June 2013, he died in a motorcycle accident when he was just 34 years old He was married to a woman named Erica. Caleb is Erica’s brother. While Caleb and Madison are not related by blood, they are related by marriage, which makes them getting married legal and much less gross.

Caleb’s Profession

When Caleb met Madison, he was working as a mine equipment repairman. Although he has gained some fame after getting and engaged and married to a reality television star, he still intends to continue working. According to a 2016 interview, he says that he wants to work hard to support his family. He says that he wants to be able to give his wife the finer things in life and staying on his career path is the way to do that.

Caleb Likes a Simple Lifestyle

Although Caleb has been on television and his face has been plastered in every magazine and tabloid, he is not letting the fame go to his head. Caleb says that he prefers a simple life over a life full of glitz and glamor. He says that dressing each day is a pair of jeans and a camo t-shirt suits him just fine. He also says that things aren’t going to change for him now that he is in the public eye. He will continue to enjoy his simple life regardless of the fame that comes his way.

Caleb is a Devout Christian

According to recent reports, Caleb and his bride were interested in joining the Mormon faith. Unfortunately, the Latter Day Saints (LDS) faith rejected the couple due to the choices and popularity of Madison’s family. The couple says they are going to attend a Christian church, and they will never let go of their faith.

Caleb Brush Net Worth

While there is no information regarding Caleb’s net worth, the average salary for a mining equipment repairman is around $63,000 per year. It is not known how much money if any, he makes for the time that he spent filming Sister Wives.

Many people think that Caleb’s in-laws are not the greatest people in the world due to their lifestyle. Caleb and his bride intend to be monogamous, find their own religion, and live their own lives. This is not because of the controversy surrounding Madison’s family, it is just so that they can start their lives and a family together in a place that they call home.

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