10 Signs Yolanda Foster and David Foster’s Marriage Was Never Going to Work

Yolanda Foster and David Foster

Yolanda Foster and David Foster were one of the happy couples featured on the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the past few years. Despite the fact that Yolanda Foster is a famous supermodel and David Foster is a famous songwriter and composer, they had a very traditional marriage. Yolanda Foster believed in keeping her home for her husband, in cooking healthy meals and in taking care of her entire family. The couple seemed very happy together, and the news that they are divorcing is among the most shocking in all of Hollywood. It appears that even the happiest looking couples sometimes struggle in the most amazing ways. That said, it does seem like this might be something that was coming for a while, and we think that we just chose to miss the obvious signs. Here are 10 things that we think contributed to the divorce of Yolanda Foster and David Foster; signs we should have seen coming.

David was Never Around

The fact of the matter is that David Foster is a very famous, very talented musician and songwriter, and his career is demanding. It’s not something that he’s willing to give up for his wife, and that likely put a strain on their marriage. When one partner is working all the time and the other has a career that has sort of run its course and now she is home more often than not, it does cause a strain. The fact that he was never around was a big issue for them.

Yolanda’s Lyme Disease

Yolanda Foster has been battling Lyme Disease for many years, and it’s debilitating to her. She is often very sick and bedridden for weeks at a time. It cannot be easy to deal with that in any situation, but it must be especially difficult when one partner is away much of the time and the other is stuck at home in bed, in the hospital and suffering tremendously.

David’s Absence in Thanksgiving Photos

If we didn’t notice it before, we noticed it now. When Yolanda Foster was posting photos of her Thanksgiving holiday with her children, she noticeably did not post any photos of David Foster. While it’s not exactly a big deal to some, it’s a very big deal to others. I cannot imagine my husband ever missing a holiday no matter how inconvenient it was to him and his schedule.

Yolanda’s Post about Their Home on Instagram

During the recent weekend, Yolanda posted a photo online of she and David Foster at their beautiful Malibu home, which was recently listed for sale and said something about endings and moving on. Many people assumed it was about moving out of her beloved home, and others saw something a bit deeper in her photo and her caption. We should have seen this coming.

The Way they Met

Did you ever hear the story of how David Foster and Yolanda Foster met? He was moving in with a friend of his, Mohammed, and noticed that there were photos of a beautiful blonde all over his home. Even though he was told that was his friends’ ex-wife and the mother of his three children, he still asked to meet her. Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband then introduced the two and that was 9 years ago.

Their Net Worth

Yolanda Foster is worth an estimated $15 million and David Foster is worth an estimated $30 million, so we are not thinking that finances led to their split. However, their net worth might have an impact on their marriage as far as their divorce is concerned, and it might have played a role in the fact that they stayed together for many months after separating, according to sources close to the couple. They share no children, but they are selling their home. Hopefully they can split their finances as they see fit and fair and not drag out their divorce with some ugly financial tug-of-war.

Their Relationship History

I believe that Dr. Terry DuBrow said it best, “I think people who have a history of being married and divorced, get married and divorced. If you’ve been married and divorced, two, three times, is it surprising? We are zebras; we have stripes,” he said of that fact that David Foster has been married four times and David is not Yolanda’s first husband, either. He might be right, and that might be something to think about. Dr. Terry DuBrow knows his comment is controversial and even went so far as to say it was and that perhaps he shouldn’t say it out loud, but it is something that many people consider a red flag in any marriage.

Solo Vacations

Does anyone watch RHOBH? I do, and I remember that last year when Kyle Richards’ family rented a yacht in Europe, Yolanda joined them for the better part of a week without her husband. He was traveling for work and not able to attend. However, rather than travel with him since she clearly had the free time, she chose to travel with her friend, her friend’s husband and their kids. Seems a bit strange, does it not?

Personal Resentment

We saw it on the RHOBH premier this week; Yolanda Foster was not thrilled that her husband was not there for her when she was suffering. She’s been sick for years, and he has continued to work throughout her illness, and it seems to be something that she does not appreciate. We’ve never really seen her upset in this manner, and it was very telling.

Leading Different Lives

Sometimes you just lead different lives, and that was the case for Yolanda Foster and David Foster. They saw very little of one another. They did their own thing and often did not do things as a couple. That is not good for any marriage, and their marriage clearly suffered as a result. There may or may not still be any love there, but these two didn’t spend much time together at all.

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