10 Reasons Whitney Port Should Never Wear Makeup Again

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Over the last several years, social media has become an important tool for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. It’s allowed people to connect and communicate like never before, and some people can’t imagine life without it. However, because social media gives people constant access to each other, it’s also become a tool used to bully and torment people – often complete strangers. Former reality star, Whitney Port, has recently become a victim of some pretty mean cyber-bullying after posting some makeup free selfies to her Instagram account. Many of her followers even went as far as to say that Port looked ‘dead’ in the photos. However, in the face of cruelty, Whitney Port has refused to let the mean comments get to her. Here are 10 reasons why Whitney Port should never wear makeup again.

It’s not good for her skin

Now 30-years-old, Whitney Port suffered from serious acne that plagued her into her adult life. After years of trying to get her skin healthy again, Port is very careful about careful about making sure that her skin is in good condition. According to Port, “I’ve learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean.”

She isn’t the only ‘star’ who has gone make up free

Over the last several years, there has been a trend in celebrities who have chosen to release pictures of themselves without makeup. While some celebrities have been hailed for their natural beauty, others, like Port have been criticized for their bare appearances. However, sometimes people could use a gentle reminder that celebrities are people too, and they shouldn’t have to be constantly dolled up to please a bunch of strangers.

She doesn’t have anything to prove

Let’s face it, why should Whitney Port care what anyone thinks about her? She doesn’t have anything to prove, and she’s already shown that she can stay relevant even years after her days as a reality TV have ended. Although people try to downplay her, the fact that so many people spend their time commenting on her pictures proves that she’s on a lot of people’s minds.

Looks aren’t everything

For years, American culture has been obsessed with looks, especially when it comes to women. It’s no secret that most American women feel intense pressure to be beautiful all the time, and for some, this pressure proves to be too much. It’s sad that Whitney Port, and countless other people, feel like they have to cover their faces with makeup every day in order to feel beautiful. Although people always hear the phrase ‘looks aren’t everything’ most don’t believe it, but maybe if society supported that idea more, people would treat each other a little differently.

Her fiance loves her the way she is

While a bunch of random people sit at their phones and angrily type mean comments to Whitney Port, they seem to be forgetting one thing. She doesn’t need confirmation from them, especially because she’s already found the man of her dreams in her fiancé, Tim Rosenman. Everyone knows that when you find that one person who loves you unconditionally and thinks you’re beautiful no matter what, other people’s opinions of you start to matter less and less.

She’ll set a good example

While Whitney Port is certainly no A-List celebrity, she still has a lot of fans and followers who admire and look up to her. By choosing to go makeup free in a world where that is usually frowned upon, she’s setting a good example for many young women by letting them know that they’re already beautiful the way they are.

She doesn’t care what haters have to say

Whitney Port is proud to let everyone know that she doesn’t care what haters have to say about her and how she looks. According to Port, “I don’t want to come off as preachy AT ALL! But lately, when I post a pic of myself without makeup on @instagram, people hate – telling me I look dead or anemic or whatever! Over it!”

That’s what filters are for

Let’s be real for a second shall we, this day and age you don’t need makeup to make yourself look different. With all of the photo enhancement options, especially the filters on Instagram, it’s easy to make a picture look almost anyway you want. Since wearing makeup might not be the best choice for Whitney Port’s skin, throwing a filter on her photos might not be a bad idea if she’s ever fiending for a bit of a different look.

The natural look is in right now

The days of constantly wearing a face full of makeup are on their way out. Thanks to pressure from women who are sick of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, the idea of what it means to be pretty is changing, and natural beauty is quickly making its way to the forefront. Pretty soon, it’ll be the people wearing makeup who will look out-of-place, and people will be encouraging each other to ditch the face pant and let their skin breathe.

She doesn’t need it!

Most people see makeup as an accessory to enhance what’s already there, and while most people do use it that way, the reality is that it’s simply not necessary. Whitney Port – or anyone else for that matter – doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful.

 (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for Proper Attire)

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