Five Things You Didn’t know about Josh Murray

josh murray

Josh Murray became famous when he was the man who proposed to former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, the former assistant district attorney in Atlanta. She was the woman who went on national television to find love that would last her a lifetime, and what she got was a long engagement with a man she ultimately ended things with. When asked what happened between them, Josh Murray always maintained that their breakup was one that was amicable and that he has the most respect and admiration for Dorfman. She maintained the same stance for a while, but then she decided to announce that he’s emotionally abusive and mean, he called her names and that he’s an awful person.

Now he’s back in the spotlight not only because Dorfman wrote a tell-all book explaining to the world what an awful person he is, but also because he’s now one of the men on Bachelor in Paradise looking for love with another woman – and competing for one woman with the same man he competed for Andi’s heart with. It makes us want to know if there are a few things about Josh Murray we simply don’t know right now and want to know; do we know him well enough?

He’s a good baseball player

It’s not like he talks much about his former pro baseball career, but we know that Josh Murray is a good player. He was the overall 48th pick in the draft back in 2002. He went to Milwaukee to play for the Brewers. He’d even undergone surgery when he was drafted to play for the Brewers, but they still wanted him regardless.

He forwent college

When he was still in high school, Josh Murray made the decision to give up the scholarship he was given to the University of Maryland so that he could play for the pros. He was only 17 when he signed on to play professional baseball. He was that good at what he good; and he was good enough to play for a while before his pro career ended.

He did go to college

He might not have gone to college right away, but Josh Murray did go to college. He was 24 when he applied to go to school at the University of Georgia (excuse me while I wince, being a Gator and all) and he went to school with his brother. His career ended early because of injuries, and he had to find something else to do. On that note, his brother was selected as a star quarterback for the Bulldogs and went on to play for the NFL as a fifth round draft pick in 2014 by the Kansas City Chiefs.

His relationship with Andi Dorfman wasn’t good

She has come out to say that their engagement was not a good one. She states that Josh Murray was so upset that she was intimate with Nick Viall during their fantasy suite date that he called her some unflattering names that no man should ever call a woman – or that anyone should ever call anyone else. It was something she felt was not at all okay with her, but it’s what their relationship was like.

He’s rumored to be manipulative

It turns out that Josh Murray has a bad reputation for being manipulative. It’s easy to like him with his big smile, his open personality and his calm demeanor. Even when he is upset with the men in the house in which he’s staying right now, he seems to find it in his good graces to remain calm rather than freaking out when people are rude or say hurtful things. Andi Dorfman calls him manipulative in that he could turn any situation around to make it her fault, to make her the bad guy and to make her feel about this big. We don’t know if it’s true, but Nick Viall says the same thing about him, too. Of course, he might just be mad that Josh Murray has taken two ladies from him at this point.

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