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You might not realize it, but former NBA power forward Charles Barkley’s net worth is around $30 million to this current date. That seems very cushy for a retired athlete, especially one that has reportedly lost nearly a third of his money to a gambling habit in the past. Thankfully he has managed to straighten his life out and gain a better hold of his finances. As a current analyst and noted personality that works around the NBA and with its affiliates, Barkley still enjoys his time in the spotlight, especially when it comes to talking about the glory days.

Charles Barkley’s Career

Born and raised in Leeds, Alabama, Barkley didn’t gain a lot of attention for his playing ability on the court until his senior year when he would catch the eye of a collegiate scout from Auburn University. He would play three years at Auburn and despite his slightly less than stellar performance he was named the Southeastern Conference Player of the Year. This was the same year that he would enter the NBA draft.

Barkley entered the draft as a college junior and was eventually selected by the Philadelphia 76ers where his career began to take off. After eight seasons with the 76ers Barkley was ready to leave the city, as his initial year was by far his best. He’d also caused a fair amount of drama in his stay that had begun to set both fans and players against him.

His often volatile personality on the court left many fans with a bad taste in their mouth, while others cheered his colorful and often unabashed commentary on the sport. His opinions were quite often voiced with little if any attempt to filter the words that came out of his mouth, creating a persona that was among the most controversial and even combative in the NBA. Barkley pulled no punches during his tenure with the NBA, and was widely known for his ability to simply explode when the moment seemed, in his opinion, to warrant such behavior

Eventually Barkley would find his way to Phoenix where he would play for the Suns. During his first season he became the NBA MVP as Phoenix flourished with him aboard. They would eventually lose to the Bulls in an exciting six-game series, but the pace had been set, and the inclusion of Barkley into the Suns’ roster created a huge impact. Over the course of the following two seasons Barkley was seen to struggle with injuries, but still managed to show up every game and produce his own style of play. Eventually though his time in Phoenix came to a close, and he found himself being trade to the Houston Rockets.

Once again his game was elevated to a new level, but Barkley would eventually join the exclusive club of aging superstars such as Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler as he came close but could not accomplish the goal of an NBA Championship. Eventually, after four seasons with the Rockets, he found it necessary to retire, shocking many fans as he exited the court for the final time.

At one point there was a gasp of excitement among fans when it was revealed that Barkley might come back, but upon returning for his farewell season, Barkley was sidelined with a ruptured tendon in his left knee. Speculation continued to abound that Barkley would be able to return to the game, but eventually it was surmised that he would be out for good, and that a comeback was not even a remote possibility.

Since that time he has been highly influential as an NBA analyst and commentator, offering up his years of experience and expertise to the many discussions and panels that can be seen across the wide spectrum of the sporting world. While he is a prized NBA commentator, he has managed to speak out on many different sports in his time as an analyst, and has proven to be just as valuable off the court as he was on. Despite his slightly limited role with the sport, Barkley is and will remain an integral part of the NBA and its long, storied history.


Charles Barkley was worth a great deal in his time as a professional athlete, and as of now he is still worth quite a bit thanks to his contributions off the court. Though he has toned down his attitude in his old age, he is still the over the top personality that so many people have come to enjoy.

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