Clay Aiken’s Twitter Page is Pretty Funny and Smart

clay aiken

At the age of 36, Clay Aiken has had more careers than most people twice his age. He’s been an American Idol runner-up, he’s been a Broadway star, he’s been a politician and he’s been an activist. There are very few things that he has not done in his life, including helping a close girlfriend have the baby she’s always wanted despite the fact that the two were not in a relationship and Aiken is openly gay. The kicker there is that he did not make the announcement that he is gay until a month after the birth of his son in 2008. The baby’s mother is a co-worker and close friend of Aiken’s and the two raise their son in a way that works for them. It seems that since his singing career has not panned out exactly as he might have hoped, Aiken has taken to setting his sights on politics. He attempted to run for Congress in 2014 but fell short of making the bid in terms of financing his campaign.

However, despite the fact that he is not currently running for congress, we have to hear his voice and his beliefs the old fashioned way; on Twitter. So with that in mind, we’ve taken a gander at Clay Aiken’s twitter page and chosen our favorite Aiken tweets. It’s shown us that despite his lack of music on the radio these days, there is a reason so many of us loved him when he made the bid to become Idol.

We’d be a little confused, too, Clay Aiken.

It is a clever concept, is it not?

Photo by Jeffrey A. Camarati/Getty Images

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