Dax Shepard Talks Wedding Tattoos and His Unborn Baby’s Gender

There are plenty of men that don’t sport a wedding band for various reasons, and Dax Shepard is one of them. Kristen Bell’s husband is not a fan of jewelry on his body, but he felt he needed to do something to commemorate the fact that he is, indeed, a married man. Since a ring was out of the question for him, he did the next best thing. He got a tattoo of a bell, which just so happens to be the last name of his lovely wife.

“I don’t like wearing jewelry, but I felt obliged to warn all the men that I’m taken. I thought a tattoo would be fitting. And her last name, conveniently, is an object I could tattoo,” Shepard joked about his reason behind choosing to tattoo his marriage to his wife on his ring finger instead of actually wearing a ring.

Located on the bell are three letters; K, L, and D. The K is for Kristen, the L is for their 17-month-old daughter Lincoln and the D is for Dax, though he did tease Ellen DeGeneres on her show that it’s for their new baby. He told the comedian they are naming the baby Dellen EGeneres and that no one will know whether or not it’s a boy or girl until it’s born. He was serious about keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, but we’re almost positive he’s joking about the name.

The couple is set to welcome their second child later this year, but they’re not sharing what the baby’s gender is until after he or she is born. However, Shepard did keep using “she” when referring to the baby, so we suspect it might be a girl. Or a really good way of throwing us off. Or a parenting thing that just happens when you already have a little girl at home and get really used to saying she and her.

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

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