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Don King

Don King is an American boxing promoter with an estimated net worth of $150 million. He was born on August 20, 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio. His entire life was spent being chased by controversy. We can’t say that he’s an entirely good person with all the things that have been said about him, that he has been accused of doing and the way that he has made an example of his own life. He grew up in Cleveland making a mess of just about everything he touched. Before he was even famous for being a boxing promoter, he lived a thousand lives. He graduated from high school in 1951 and went on to Kent State University, where he later dropped out and began his own business.

His business was one of illegal means; he was a bookmarking operation working out of a dark, dusty basement of a rescore store. Over the course of 13 years, Don King was accused of killing two men who crossed him. The first murder he got away with when investigators decided that Don King was just doing what he had to do when he shot and killed a man by the name of Hillary Brown when he was robbing one of King’s gambling operations. The second was when he was accused of killing one of his employees over $600 so he made the decision to kick him to the ground and stomp on him until he died. That was a murder he was charged with in the second degree. It was later reduced to another charge, and Don King spent only 4 years in prison.

Somehow he managed to get Coretta Scott King and Jesse Jackson and many other famous faces to write letters in support of him in the 80s so that his conviction was overturned and he was pardoned by the Ohio governor. It was an interesting time. In the 70s, Don King decided to join the world of boxing as a promoter when he began convincing the biggest names in the business to fight. He was good at it, and he became very famous for his job.

Since then, he’s made plenty of television appearances. He lost his wife of many years in 2010, and they have a daughter, two sons and five grandkids. He’s very active in the political world, but he does not stick to any particular style of voting. He supported both George W. Bush and currently Donald Trump, but he was also a big supporter of Barack Obama when he ran for office during both of his terms. He’s well-known for his fame, but he’s also someone the world watches closely as he is often tied into organized crime and suspected of being a lot more powerful in that world that people like to think. He’s a man with a bad reputation. He is a man many people know, but few want to cross as a result of his terrifying reputation, and he’s been able to amass a fortune – though most people assume it’s because he will do anything for money and nothing scares him.

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