Five Absurd Predictions We’re Making on This Season’s Bachelor in Paradise

bachelor in paradise

We all have a guilty pleasure we are not entirely proud of; and we have to admit it at some point or another. My own personal guilty pleasure is Bachelor In Paradise. I don’t actually watch the franchise anymore during the regular season, but there is something so seriously amazing about the fact that all these people get together in a house in Mexico I’m pretty sure is close to falling down, drink too much and hook up. It’s fascinating, and I love it so very much. Every week my husband and I DVR it and sit down after our kids are in bed with a glass of wine and constant laughter. It’s the best. Ever. Really. I mean, you cannot watch this show and not feel so good about your own life and your own shortcomings in comparison to those you find on the show. With that said, we’re a few weeks in and I think that we’re going to be surprised as the season rolls on. Here are my outrageous predictions for the rest of the season.

Josh will propose to Amanda

I don’t like them as a couple. It might be her tinny voice and her quiet nature that I just don’t know about. Or perhaps it’s the fact that we see them making out all the time, and they seem to be in a relationship that doesn’t seem too real all in all. Either way, he will propose. They will break up. He doesn’t seem like the type that wants to take on someone else’s kids, to be quite honest.

Carlie and Evan will hit it off

She cannot seem to get enough of his guy in all his awkwardness. She had the worst time last year being dumped on national television, so we think she might be the kind who decides to change it up. She wants a guy who loves her for her, who wants to be with her and who makes her laugh and will be good to her. Evan seems like that kind of guy. I’m just saying.

Josh will continue to moan

Tell me that my husband and I are not the only ones who notice that anytime Josh in on camera he moans erotically every 4 or 5 seconds. It can be making out with Amanda, making out with his pizza or just staring at himself in the mirror. We realize editing is playing that up, but we kind of love it.

Jared will leave heartbroken

I don’t know him; but I can see that the women seem to love him. My question is why? He doesn’t really speak, he never seems to smile, he doesn’t seem to have any sort of personality at all, he’s leading Ashely Iaconetti on with a “Best friends” friendship throughout the year knowing she’s crazy about him and it’s only giving her hope, and at the risk of saying something rude about someone’s appearance (which I really hate doing), he’s not handsome. Anyway, he’s going to get dumped, and Ashley will move on.

Ashley will move on

I think it’s her time; and I hope she finds love with someone else. She’s got to stop crying over Jared and find some real happiness. She’s way out of his league, especially the way he’s been leading her on for a solid year. It’s time for her to move on. We think she will just in time for Jared to decide he actually likes her – and we hope she ditches him.

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