Five Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Pokemon GO

John mayer

Pokemon Go is probably the biggest thing to happen this year; and that’s saying a lot considering this is an election year, the Olympics are going on and Orlando Bloom just went swimming in a public location totally nude for the world to see. It’s a big year for the newly launched app that I’m not sure about, exactly. I think there’s a good chance that at 32 I’m a bit too old for the first Pokemon craze from a few years ago, and I simply don’t care about the second on seeing as how I have this thing called a life and four kids and a job and things that keep me a bit too busy for a game on my phone (will you be disappointed to know I’ve never played Candy Crush or the word game people were obsessed with a few years ago?).

The game is great for kids, but there are adults that love it, too. While we love that it’s getting kids up and out of the house and moving, we also know that it’s a game that many people are falling hard for. We know that there are celebrities playing the game – and they’re serious about it. So, just who in Hollywood is working hard to find the latest creature with a name we won’t even pretend to pronounce correctly?

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen

She’s got John Legend and baby Luna to worry about, but the biggest issue in her life right now is whether or not she can find herself a Pokemon in Italy. We think she can if she just puts her mind to it. Our motivational speech for her includes telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind to if she wants.

soulja boy

Soulja Boy

Can we even call him a celebrity at this point? Am I living under a rock or have we heard from him since he was doing the superman? Either way, he’s got a Pokemon on his watch (which I imagine is a Rolex or some other high-end designer timepiece) and he’s not afraid to snap a photo of it to post on Instagram before he catches it.

kevin jonas

Kevin Jonas

He’s got a new baby at home with his wife, but that’s not stopping him from looking for a Pokemon outside. He’s left all alone and by himself, however, when he realizes that there is not one out there. We appreciate his ability to joke about it, though.

john mayer

John Mayer

He’s not even kidding with his obsession. He’s spoken about it, posted about it and he’s even admitted to spending big bucks to buy things to help him get ahead in the game. We just have to say we are glad he’s got his own money and his parents aren’t going to flip out when they see the phone bill with all those in-app purchases.

kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

While some people want to see the glamorous side of the game, the former Playboy bunny and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner knows that it’s not all fun and games. It’s especially not at all fun when you step in doggie doo and have to clean it up when all you wanted to do was play a game. Let this be a lesson to dog owners; clean up your mess.


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