Five Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Alyson Hannigan

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Actress Alyson Hannigan rose to fame in the late 90s when she starred as Willow Rosenburg on the super natural drama series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hannigan’s character was a witch who started the show as a shy loner; however, as the show progressed so did Willow and subsequently Hannigan’s career.  Hannigan eventually went on to star in the classic American Pie teen film series where she became known for the catchphrase, “this one time at band camp…” After her final appearance in the American Pie franchise in 2012, Hannigan focused her efforts on the small screen where she had a starring role in the CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Whether on the big or little screen, Hannigan is known for her memorable portrayals and many of her characters have left a positive and permanent mark on pop culture. Although Alyson Hannigan is one of the many celebrities who doesn’t mind living her life in the spotlight, there are still many things about her that remain relatively unknown to the general public. Here are five interesting facts about Alyson Hannigan that you probably didn’t know.

5. She has had a stalker.

In 2013 Alyson Hannigan was granted a temporary restraining order against John Hobbs, a New Hampshire resident who had been posting threatening messages directed at Hannigan and her family.  Hobbs, who threatened to cause physical harm, said that he wanted to meet Hannigan in person, prompting her to take action. Hannigan stated that she was “in severe fear for my safety and the safety of my family.”  The temporary restraining order, which required Hobbs to stay at least 100 yard away from Hannigan for the next three years, also protects her husband, Alexis Denisof and their two small children.

4. She used to babysit for Bob Saget.

Bob Saget is probably best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the popular sitcom Full House.  On the show, Saget’s character was a single father who was raising three daughters with the help of brother-in-law, Jesse, and his best friend, Joey.  Although the show was fictional, Saget actually does have three daughters in real life.  In an interview, Hannigan revealed a surprising connection to the super dad and narrator of How I Met Your Mother, by sharing that she once babysat for Saget. Hannigan stated: ““I babysat for Bob’s kids when I was a teenager. From when I was like, 15 to 17, I was his babysitter. Isn’t that funny? And now, I mean, his kids are old enough that they could babysit my kids. I don’t see him much anymore. He has the easiest job on the show. He comes in sort of once a month and does all the voiceovers. I’ve seen him probably twice in the whole run of the show, maybe three times. He’s hardly ever there.”

3. Her feet possess special talents.

Alyson Hannigan is very comfortable with her feet and often opts to go barefoot when playing outside with her daughters.  However; there’s more to Hannigan’s feet than a little sockless confidence.  The American Pie actress has stated: “I have dexterous toes. They’re handy when I’m holding my daughter [Satyana, 1]. If she drops something, I can pick it up with my toes. I once tied [husband] Alexis’ shoes with my toes. He calls them my grabbers.” In 2011, while appearing on an episode of Ellen, Hannigan used her handy feet for a good cause by using her toes to collect approximately $2,000 to be donated to Ellen for the Cure.  In 2013, Hannigan’s feet made another television appearance when she and talk show host Andy Cohen attempted to sign their names with their feet on an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

2. She is a member of a sorority.

After high school, Alyson Hannigan attended college at California State University, Northridge where she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While in college, Hannigan joined Alpha Chi Omega, an international sorority that was founded in 1885 and there are currently 133 chapters of the sorority throughout the United States.Alha Chi Omega’s  mission statement is: “Enrich the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service,” while their vision statement is: ” Ever-increasing numbers of qualified women select Alpha Chi Omega and make it an integral part of their lives. When women choose Alpha Chi Omega, they get four key benefits:~ Friendship ~ Leadership ~ Learning ~ Service”

1. She is an only child.

Although Alyson Hannigan is an only child, she has expressed that she did not always enjoy growing up as such.  Although being an only child can have it’s perks, like everything else, there are definitely cons as well. In an interview she stated: “I hated being an only child because it was lonely and boring. But it also helped my imagination, because I had to entertain myself. Whenever I got in trouble, I always knew that if I could make my mom laugh, it would be better for me — it was a way to ease problems. My dad was very funny. I have memories of driving in the car with him and I would say, “OK, Daddy, be funny.” And he would crack me up on command.”  Hannigan, who is now the mother of two children, has stated that having more than one child has always been her desire, and being able to raise sisters has allowed her to witness sibling love in a way that she was never able to before.

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