Five Movie Roles Willow Shields Should Get in Her Future

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Trying to make it in Hollywood is a very difficult task. There are millions of talented people all over the world, but unfortunately, only a select view ever get the chance to see their name in lights. However, for those who do get to make it, there’s nothing better than watching your dreams unfold.  15-year-old Willow Shields is one of the lucky young stars who is already making a name for herself in Hollywood. The teen gained mainstream fame for her role as Primrose Everdeen in the Hunger Games film series. Now planning her next career moves, it’ll be interesting to see where the years take her.  Here are five movie roles Willow Shields should get in her future.

Ariel Moore – Footloose Remake/Sequel

Originally released in 1984, Footloose has since become a classic American dance film. The story follows a teenage, Ren McCormack, boy who moves from Chicago to a small city which has outlawed dancing and rock music. While living in the town, he works hard to make music and dancing acceptable, and falls in love with fellow teen, Ariel Moore, in the process.  In the original film, Moore’s character was portrayed by Lori Singer.  Although the film was remade in 2011, there’s always the potential for another remake and/or sequel.  From her experience on Dancing with the Stars, Shields could be the perfect young actress for the role. Shields also has a similar look to Singer which would give the role some of its first time feel.

Vada Sultenfuss  – My Girl Remake

The 1991 film, My Girl, was definitely one of the best films of the decade.  A classic come of age story, the film follows Vada Sultenfuss through a summer in which she tries to understand life after the passing of her mother. Although the film starred young characters, it definitely touched on some pretty important and serious issues all while remaining lighthearted and fun.  While Willow Shields is a little older than Vada’s character was in the original, she would definitely be great at breathing new life into the classic film. It would be great to see Willow’s take on the role, and there’a good chance that she would nail it. Ironically; however, Shields wasn’t even born when the movie was released nearly 25 years ago.

Barbra Blair – Night of the Living Dead Remake

There aren’t many films that are able to stand the test of time.  Especially in age where technology and filming techniques are constantly changing.  However, the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead is one of the films that has entertained viewers for decades, despite the fact that all of the effects are outdated. One of the first films of its kind, the Zombie theme has since become extremely popular, and is currently at an all-time high.  It would be interesting to see Willow Shields take on the role of Barbra Blair, the film’s female lead. During a time where female characters were often weak and subservient, Barbra’s character was relatively revolutionary.  Although she was definitely afraid throughout most of the film, she did was she had to do when necessary, until her last moment on-screen.

Alice Hardy – Friday The 13th sequel

In 1980, when Friday the 13th hit theaters for the first time, it was definitely one of the scariest movies of its time. In a story that is at its core, all about revenge.  After a young boy, Jason Voorhes, drowns in the lake while at summer camp, his mother, Pamela, turns into a killer.  During a summer at camp, Pamela goes on a killing spree in which she kills nearly everyone at Camp Crystal Lake.  However, at the end of the film, sole survivor, Alice Hardy, is nearly killed when Jason appears from the lake and attempts to drown her. Over the years, there have been several sequels to Friday the 13th and even a remake of the original in 2009. If there is another remake or sequel (let’s be serious, there probably will be) Willow Shields would definitely be a good fit for the role of Alice Hardy.  So far, viewers are used to seeing Shields in more serious roles and it may be fun to see her take on something a little more carefree.

Etta Place – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Remake

Born sometime in the late 1870s, Etta Place’s life and legacy has been immortalized thanks to her involvement with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Although there isn’t much known about Etta’s real life, she has been portrayed throughout history as a strong and independent woman. The film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which was released in 1969 originally featured Katharine Ross in the role of Place. Right now, Willow Shields may be a bit young for the role, but she’s got plenty of time to grow and mature.  Plus, it’s not uncommon for stars to portray characters much older or younger than their actual age.

(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

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