Five Potential Tiffs Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Were Having at Wimbledon

coooper and shayk

Wimbledon is all about the sports and the tennis and, of course, the Williams sisters. Are there other people there? I’m not even sure, since it’s all Serena all the time. I mean, I’m not even sure there is a reason that any of the other tennis players even bothered to show up for this event since it appears their presence is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Of course, there are two other people who showed up for Wimbledon and really made a splash. They’re not tennis players, but who cares since they can’t beat Serena Williams anyway?

Actor Bradley Cooper and his gorgeous girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, were there to watch the famous people of the tennis world (remember, Serena Williams) take on everyone else and win. Except that they were not really all that happy to be there. Photographers immediately began snapping photos of the duo as they watched the match, and it appears that they might be having a bit of a tiff. Why? Because she appears to be crying, she’s giving him the side eye in a way that I give my husband the side eye when he’s not doing what I want him to do and their body language and tense expressions are a dead giveaway.

Of course, she’s merely having an allergy attack. That’s what her people say. Yeah, we’ve all been there. I’ve had an allergy attack before in public, too, but I don’t have allergies. The good news is that even if they won’t come out and say what they were arguing about – and every couple argues so it’s not like we are judging them for it – we think we might have a few good ideas.

That facial hair

Bradley Cooper is a good looking man, but the facial hair has got to go. He looks a bit more caveman than GQ and if we are not fans, we know she’s not a fan. She’s upset because he blamed her for taking his razor to shave her legs and he’s unable to shave his face. She’s side-eyeing him because he knows where the shower is if he needs the razor.

His personal hygiene

Listen, I don’t know if this is true or not. However, I did read a rumor a long time ago that Bradley Cooper is not a huge fan of things like showers and deodorant. Perhaps that’s a problem for Irina Shayk and she’s just grossed out by it sitting in that heat.

The presence of the ex

Cooper famously dated another model, Suki Waterhouse, for two years before he and Shayk got together. She was at the same tournament when these two were fighting, so perhaps that’s what the issue was about. Irina Shayk was just super-duper insecure that her man’s ex-girlfriend was there. I mean, the ex is a famous supermodel and all. Who can compete with that? Certainly not another famous supermodel, of course.


Another photo was snapped of Irina Shayk at the match reading an upside down magazine. Upside down, people. Perhaps Cooper was just embarrassed that his lady love is showing the world that she can’t read. He’s telling her to turn it around so it at least looks like she can, and she’s telling him she thinks she knows how to hold a magazine. No one likes to be called stupid.

He told her she looks good

It’s a commonplace problem in relationships. Sometimes when I ask my husband how I look and he’s in the middle of doing something else and he tells me I look beautiful without even looking at me, I just want to punch him in the face. How could he be so callous? Perhaps Irina Shayk is feeling the same way. She asked, he told her while watching the match that she’s gorgeous, and now she’s furious. #teamirina Because who says such hateful things to his lady love?

Photo by  US Magazine

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